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Friday, July 9, 2010

Addicted to Chick films #2. The Mirror Has Two Faces

[The Mirror Has Two Faces]

Serendipity, or in other words the ability to find something you've been not looking for, is in my humble opinion very important and useful. Serendipity is also the ability to be ready to accept something you've found while searching for something else.

Today I was looking for this quote from The Mirror Has Two Faces: When we fall in love, we hear Puccini in our heads. Instead I've found this one, from the same motion picture:

Rose Morgan: Look at me, I'm a grown woman in a prom dress.
Claire: Oh, please. You look adorable.

Rose Morgan: Adorable? I look like an over-the-hill Barbie Doll. It doesn't fit right, it's too tight.

Claire: Too many Sno Balls.

Rose Morgan: Why didn't you pick something looser and in my color?

Claire: Because Maids of Honor don't wear black.

Barbra Streisand as Rose Morgan
Mimi Rogers as Claire Morgan

Why I find it so interesting and funny? Because, well, actually some years ago I was the 'best man' [an Italian wedding has no Maid of Honor, but something similar we call literally 'wedding witness'] at the wedding of a longtime friend and my dress was... absolutely black. While reading the previous quote I've suddenly smiled and I've simply had to write this post.

The Mirror Has Two Faces is also a perfect Chick film and it's been too long since the last post about it, so here we go!

The Mirror Has Two Faces by Barbra Streisand (USA, 1996)
Cast: Barbra Streisand, Jeff Bridges, Lauren Bacall, George Segal, Mimi Rogers, Pierce Brosnan
Pros: Giacomo Puccini's music, Lauren Bacall is really amazing and she should get the Oscar, there's enough Jeff Bridges
Cons: Barbra Streisand overdoes all the time, the screenplay is sometimes embarrassing, there's no Pierce Brosnan enough

Do you hear Puccini in your head, when you're in love?
Or have you already worn an eccentric dress at some wedding?
And, above all, do you believe in Serendipity?

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