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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is it possible to seduce someone by using just words?

[Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate]

Is it possible to seduce someone by using just words and imagination?
Most people tend to reply 'no' to this question but personally I'm sure it's possible. Is this a simple task or a very impossible one? It depends.

Today I've read Seth Godin's post The art of seduction and I've smiled. Alone.
Here you can find a taste:

Marketers seek to seduce. So do painters, authors and job seekers. The most important thing to understand about seduction is this: it only works when the other person cooperates, contributes and is at some level interested in being seduced.

In short: it's a lot easier to seduce someone who's worldview and attitude makes them open to it. If you want to be successful at whatever form of seduction you have in mind, seek out the right people.

I could not agree more. You can't seduce those who do not want to be seduced and this is 'almost always' clear from the very beginning, also when people prefer to believe some kind of opening could still be possible.

An example? A person who kindly says to you 'I'm not good in getting in touch but if you call me I'll be happy' is a person who covertly says 'I won't get in touch with you and I don't want to be reached by you and if you give it a try, I won't cooperate with you'. Put 'seduce' instead of 'get in touch' and I think you get the point.

It's useless to call a person like this one, someone who has already said 'No, thanks'. But another person could be very interested instead. What do you think?

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