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Saturday, December 11, 2010

What kind of observer's point are you choosing for yourself?

A quote I know only in Italian says 'È strano come una discesa, vista dal basso, somigli tanto a una salita'. In English it could sound like 'It's very strange how a fall, seen from below, looks so similar to a rise'.

[A rise or a fall?
Image source: Mike Putnam Photography]

I've always loved and found it very useful, because it helps me every day to remember that often in life, a situation, a job or a relationship has no unique "meaning" and the way we see it depends on the observer's point we choose for us. Even if we don't know we're choosing one.

I am convinced that we can apply the same concept to people. What do I mean?
Often in the past I thought I was 'too much' [impulsive, spontaneous, outgoing, perfectionist, talkative, demanding, even Italian... put your favourite adjective here] for the people, but over the years I learned that sometimes people are simply "not enough" for me.

What's your observer's point?

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