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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mood: Aurora sogna

Sogna una carne sintetica, nuovi attributi
e un microchip emozionale

Labbra cromate, ricordi seriali

Emozioni e un nuovo impianto sessuale

Subsonica, Aurora sogna
(Microchip emozionale, 1999)

When I started studying German I just put my Italian in a box. I listened to the German radio all day long without understanding a word, I talked a bit in English and a bit in German with people and I used Italian only with close friends. With just a couple of exceptions, I didn't try to meet other Italians.
No movies, no music, no websites, no books. Nothing was Italian. I needed to immerse myself in the new language, to make it mine. To start to feel it as mine. This first phase lasted more than six months. Almost no Italian at all.

While speaking and thinking in German all the time, I suddenly fell in love with my mother tongue. I discovered how melodic, sweet and harmonious it sounds. I began to see it with new eyes, and when my German has improved, I slowly recovered Italian movies, books and songs. Songs, above all. The music is the thing I missed the most.

[Italian band Subsonica]

In these days I'm listening to a lot of Italian music and a lot of Subsonica's songs in particular. They are a band based in Turin, famous in Italy and abroad. And, by walking on the streets of Berlin and listening to music from Turin, I feel at home.

What about your language?

Further information:
The Subsonica's official website [in Italian/English]

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