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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cry Cry Baby

I think that’s exactly true, Ishita. Like when you wrote me that email describing the MBA program you were a part of and how great it was, but also how challenging it was and that you cried every night. Then you wrote back and said, “Perhaps don’t publish that part?” and I thought it was actually the most charming and most involving part of our conversation about it because when I read that, I literally lit up and I said to myself, “Ah, I can just see it…”
So you’re right. That’s a specific detail that really makes something universal because we all feel, “Yeah, I was crying every night too” at some point in time in our lives.

Is it possible to cry every night even if you're really happy with what are you doing and where are you going? Even if you feel strong, cool, motivated and brave? Even if you think every minute 'I'm living the life I'm willing to live'?

Oh, yeah. Because it's difficult to live it, even if you're happy with it. The price is sometimes really difficult to pay. Dreams are expensive and it's one of the reasons because they're so precious and rare as well. Not to dream any longer is cheaper and safer, for sure. But how can people live without dreaming?

Do you feel like crying? It's ok. Just cry all your tears, until you have no more tears left. Then wash your face, put on your Sunday clothes and go out. For me it's the best solution, and for you?