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Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to set a day one, and then to go further with day two

A change is almost never easy. It´s almost never easy to suddenly change habits, a way of thinking, your daily routine. But a change can improve the quality of your life, can make you more happy or more healthy. It can make you smile again. Do you still remember how it is, when you smile?

Why we don't change the things we don't like, then?

Because it hurts. It hurts to discover that you made a wrong decision in the past, that you made a mistake or that you are a different person and that someone is not your friend any longer or that a place is not any longer the right place for you to stay, to live, to work.

It's normal to be scared, while facing the possibility (or the necessity?) of a change.

The most important part, in my opinion, is to do it anyway. A little bit more everyday, by setting your day one and giving you small targets you can achieve with a little effort.

You can also set a big goal, obviously, but then you still have to split it in smaller steps and to achieve and reach each step should be the only target you have to focus, until you will reach it and then, and only then, you can go further with the next step.

Easy to say but not easy to do? For sure.
But try it anyway.
I will do. Today is my day one.

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  1. "Thought is the enemy of action". The more you think about how, why, when, with whom, and so on and so forth, the more you'll stay right there, behind yourself. Start acting as soon as you feel the need -- that's the only way to move away. Yeah, that's not an error-free approach, I know, but is definitely more effective than making plans, because it's not about business, numbers, market projections, and things like that -- it's about feelings, and feelings don't like strategies. IMHO.

    1. I am not sure that your strategy is always the better one. It can be done if you don't have much to lose. Otherwise it would be a little too loony for me.
      In my post I don't talk about market projections etc. I talk about understanding what you want and working hard to get it, instead.

  2. As a side note - In the place where I live (a little but very ancient town) there is a funny way of saying: "Cang ca' Mang". It can be translated as "The Change will feed you", or something like "Changing will help you survive". Change sometimes has to be managed wisely, that's true, but especially when it is compelling should be pursued no matter how much risky it can be. Isn't it? :)

  3. Sure, if you are ready to pay the consequences and to accept them, no matter what they are.
    This is the point, in my opinion.
    And to be able to do it, you should take your time for analyzing the situation and deciding to go further anyway. And this sounds like a plan.