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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Freelancing & relationships, or why diamonds are a girl's best friends

Fast, good, cheap. You can only pick two.
Jennifer Daniel

The quote that I am posting today is the professional motto of a talented freelance graphic designer and illustrator, Jennifer Daniel, who is used to discuss it immediately and very clearly with her new clients.

They can get from her a service that is fast and good but not cheap, or a service that is fast and cheap but not good, or a service that is good and cheap but not fast. 
It is not possible to have it all. You should know what matters to you and what you can sacrifice.

Sometimes I ask myself if it is not just the same with people: with your family, your loved ones, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbours. Even more so, if we are talking about your significant other or a longtime companion.

Is it not just the same? 
You can't have a good relationship with someone without honestly caring and investing energy and passion into it. It can be fast and good, but not cheap. With "money" are we talking here about time, attention, trust and commitment.

Or it can be cheap and fast, but then you don't have a high-value relationship, because the foundations are not strong enough and you can't be sure that the person will be there for you if you need her to support and help you. 
Or it can be good and cheap, and I mean "easy" with it - because you know each other well and trust is a big part of the relationship - but then it can't be fast, because time is the key factor, in order to build trust and value.

We are used to say that something of value is gold, but I would say that a good relationship is more like a diamond, with all its facets and nuances. Maybe diamonds are really a girl's best friends, after all?

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