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Monday, July 26, 2010

123 years ago today, the first book in Esperanto has been published!

'Lingvo internacia. AntaĆ­parolo kaj plena lernolibro' [International Language. Foreword And Complete Textbook], first book in Esperanto written under the pseudonym 'Doktoro Esperanto' by Polish ophthalmologist and philologist L.L. Zamenhof, has been published exactly 123 years ago, on July, 26th 1887.

[L.L. Zamenhof, 1859-1917]

Constructed language created by Zamenhof to promote cooperation and mutual understanding between people speaking different languages, Esperanto has become very 'pop' but unfortunately has never become an international standard. Maybe in the future?

Were Zamenhof's ideas too radical at the time? And now? Was Doktoro Esperanto too idealist?
Do you know some words in Esperanto?

Tags: Esperanto, Anniversary, Languages, International language

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