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I am a localization manager/translator and intercultural consultant living in Berlin (Germany), passionate about languages, cultures, diversity management, body art, dancing, self-empowerment, coaching, effective communication and, last but not least, vegan gluten-free food and good movies.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

The kind of questions that can leave you speechless, make you smile and force you to grow

"Who do you feel would benefit least from your work?"

The question that coach Travis L. Wilson has kindly thrown at me, as we are talking about which kind of change I want to make, as an intercultural consultant on her way for getting certified as a coach and willing to work as a coach for diversity management, leaves me puzzled and a little bit speechless. Speechless, moi!?

Being speechless never occurred to me, if we keep out the first 18 months of me learning German after moving to Berlin without speaking (back then!) a single word of German and a (back then!) incredibly broken English that soon became an even worse Denglisch
But this would be another story, even if one with a linguistic double happy ending, and I digress. ;)

[Speechless, moi!? No way!
I do speak up if I need to. No problem there.
One of my personal issues is...
having often closed eyes in pictures. 

Pics: Me, November 2017 
at Berlin's street art museum
Urban Nation © Radoslaw Kosiada]

And suddenly, I smile, because I realize that I am in the right place and that giving myself Seth Godin's The Marketing Seminar as a Christmas present - even if I don't celebrate Christmas at all and I was just looking for a good excuse for enrolling in the workshop - has been a very good decision.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The misunderstanding to avoid for not becoming a prisoner of the past, or why forgiveness is the best thing you should try this year

Congratulations, you survived the holidays and the first week of the new year!

No kidding: I am very proud of you.
The first week of the year can be very stressful, and we both know that during this time of the year people around you expect you to turn your life around like magic, take control over whatever problem you could have had the previous year and make yet another round of notorious - and often frowned up - New Year's resolutions... that for most people last... a couple of days only or in the best cases up to a couple of weeks.
So you still have another week to go!

New Year's resolutions and jokes aside, what do you want to have, think, feel, experience, learn and enjoy this year?
What do you want to do and to achieve with your precious time? And what do you want to let go?

Time, focus and energy are somehow limited resources.
Knowing where you want to allocate them and what you want to use them for, and therefore also knowing which battles you should pick and when you should just let go, is what will slowly but surely shape your year, one day at the time.

[What do you want to look at, in life?
Where do you want your focus and energy to go?

Pic: Me, November 2017 
at Berlin's street art museum
Urban Nation © Radoslaw Kosiada]

Seriously! And eventually. And definitely way more than losing those insidious twenty pounds, quitting smoking or going green.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Three quotes that can help you shaping the upcoming new year 15 minutes a day, and a big "light blue" thank you for another amazing blogging year together!

The new year is around the corner, and you are going to hear this question so many times in the coming days, but I can't help by asking. As you know, it's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission, so...
How do you picture the future?

Not only "the" future with a capital F, the one related to the whole world, the planet, global politics, environmental issues, big and sometimes surprising cultural changes happening in real time and more of all this to come, but also your near future and your future in the long run?

Is it something you think about with excitement, fear, curiosity, anticipation or are you totally carefree about the topic and way more worried about what are you going to stream on Netflix next week in order not to get bored already during the first week of the upcoming new year?

[The future is made of light.
Or, like in The Maltese Falcon (1941) by John Huston, 
of the "stuff that dreams are made of".

Pics: Me, November 2017 
at Berlin's street art museum
Urban Nation © Radoslaw Kosiada]

For me, how I see "the" future and my future is strongly related to two poetic quotes by William Somerset Maugham [1874-1965] that would probably surprise you.