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Thursday, October 6, 2016

That dreaded, absolutely useless question that people ask over and over again while thinking that they are doing smalltalk - I

The girl with the long, wonderful brown hair - from now on, "she" - sits near me, and smiles.
I'm talking to someone else, and yet I can notice that she is listening to our conversation without actually being part of it - hello, privacy! - and without missing a single word of it. As soon as my interlocutor excuses himself for a minute, she's all in.

She is curious. She wants to be nice. She is hoping to get to know me better, or to know me at all, since so far she has no idea whatsoever about me, who I am and what I am doing at the venue...

[If I have to choose between bad small-talk and nonsense, 
I will go for nonsense every single time: 
Mad Hatter's tea party by John Tenniel]

...And there we are again, with that dreaded, absolutely useless question that people ask over and over again, usually as the very first question, while getting to know strangers and thinking that they are doing small-talk. And yet, they are not. 
More on this subject in another blogpost, but for now I've decided to create a brand-new blogposts series, with the most representative interactions that happen day in and day out for this matter. How great. Yippie Yippie Yeah.

She (smiling): Hi!
Me (smiling back): Hi!
S: How are you doing?
M: I'm great, thanks, how about you?
S: I'm ok, thanks. What's your name?
M: Azzurra. Nice to meet you. And yours?
S: My name is XY. Where are you from?
M (smiling, without replying): Why?
S (surprised, a little bit insecure): Since your name is so unusual.
M (quiet, still smiling): Thanks, this is a nice compliment. It means light-blue.
S (puzzled, and a little bit disappointed): Oh, I see. I got it.

[Light-blue, azure, azul, hellblau, azzurro, mavi...
call it like you want to. 
But don't ask me where I am from just because of it!]

Nope, I guess she didn't get it. 
And yet, I keep calm and resist the urge to reply with "Thanks, this is a nice compliment. Then you should ask about the name and the stories that could be related to it and not about my passport. The two things could be totally not-related and therefore you would still have no clue about the name anyway".

Stay tuned for the next one on this subject. 
As this tends to happen to me on a daily basis since I started to live in Berlin as an expat about seven years ago, I will be back soon with the next annoying conversation. I know that you are looking forward to it just as much as I do. 

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