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Localization manager/translator and coach/intercultural consultant living in Berlin (Germany), passionate about diversity management and intercultural communication, self-awareness and coaching, SFBT and NVC, languages, cultures, body art, dancing, self-empowerment, and, last but not least, vegan gluten-free keto food and good movies. How about you?
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A Lot Like Purple is my personal blog.
I'm the only person responsible for its content and the views and opinions expressed here are solely mines.
What I write doesn't represent my clients or any other group, organization or agency.

If you notice something inaccurate, not valid any longer or inappropriate, I am looking forward to your feedback.
The honesty and politeness of comments are guaranteed.

About Me

My name is Azzurra Camoglio and you are visiting my blog, A Lot Like Purple
I live in Berlin (Germany), a city I am deeply in love with since 2009, where I work as a localization manager, translator and intercultural consultant

I am into languages, intercultural communication, diversity management, cool movies, self-improvement, coaching, leadership, self-awareness, body art and... 
The list could go on and on. 

Azzurra Camoglio, intercultural, diversity, languages

Reading a blog over time is a little bit like dating someone, don't you think?
Week after week, you get to know them better, you discover their quirky sides and the funny ones, you can learn something or get inspired or exchange ideas and opinions...

So I've decided to create a special "blogger dating profile" in OKC style, just for you.
Here we go!

My blogging self-summary
Hey! Nice to e-meet you.
If you are here, I guess that it's because you are looking for something.
If you are the kind of reader able to appreciate quality, growth and self-development and who is eager to enjoy life to its fullest, the odds are good that you are in the right place.
The same applies if you are looking for interesting conversations, fun, inspiration, new ideas, and many other things.

What I'm doing with my life
- learning something new every day;
- spending time with old and new friends, while being a fuck-yes person for people around me;
- improving my yoga skills;
- dancing and listening to awesome deep house music;
- writing my first novel and blogging;
- cheating myself about going to bed earlier even if it doesn't work that well;
- discovering the magic of flamenco, salsa, bachata, swing and ballroom dance.

The six things I could never do without
Dancing. And learning new dancing styles.
A good talk.
Freedom of choice.
Asian food.
Something exciting to do. Or something interesting to learn.

Hugs from someone I like.
Being authentic. And people that can deal with it, because my blog posts always are.

Azzurra Camoglio, intercultural, diversity, languages
[Pics: Me, August 2016 © Radoslaw Kosiada]

I spend a lot of time thinking about
a lot of different stuff. NOT in this order:
- Intercultural communication, languages, diversity, alternative ways of life, anthropology, sociology;
- Good books, fantastic movies, traveling, tattoos, self-improvement, coaching, ideas for my blog, TED Talks, self-awareness, resilience;
- Which one will be my next hair color;
- Love, emotions, human dynamics, body language, body art, emotional intelligence, empathy;
- How Karma works and how I can pay it forward;
- Why so many men think that they are more interesting with a huge hipster beard. I will just never get the huge beard hype.

How I spend my free time
dancing, visiting an art exhibition, going to the movies, doing Yoga, eating out or cooking at home, exploring new places in Berlin, writing, learning a foreign language, talking about new goals and projects, blogging, learning new things, re-inventing the wheel.

Who one associates with has a big impact in life and spending time with positive, resilient and interesting people - the kind of people that Mark Manson calls fuck-yes people - can help one to grow and to become a better person - the person one eventually wants to be - or just to see things with new eyes and to realize that one is already there, after all, and that a lot of stuff makes sense, then.

These people are inspiring and supportive, make a difference in someone else's life, day by day, and they are there for staying. I am all in for that, as a blogger and as a human being.

Does that resonate with you? Are you in too?
Don't be shy then, just have a look around and read some of the most popular posts. You would for sure make my day, while doing so.