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Friday, January 25, 2013

Collecting "Le petit Prince" - The books, dialects, and languages that are already part of my collection

If someone should ask you about "your" list, which kind of list it would be?
Places you have been to? Crazy adventures that are on your bucket list? Your favorite restaurants? The playlist that you could listen to for days and days in a row?

As I promised last week, here I am with "my" list.
Today I am sharing with you the list of books/languages that are already part of my collection of different editions of "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

[It's time to set out for an amazing journey...
While exploring the many languages and dialects 
available for "The Little Prince"]

Since the book has been published in over 200 languages and dialects and so far I got 70 different versions so far, there is still a lot of work to do!
In the coming weeks, I will publish the list of books/languages that are not part of my collection (yet).

Without no further ado, ladies and gents...
1. Afrikaans (Die Klein Prinsie) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Robert!
2. Arabic from Egypt (al-Amîr al-Saghîr) 1 edition
3. Arabic from Morocco (al-Amîr al-Saghîr) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Giacomo!
4. Arabic, international version (al-Amîr as-Saghîr) NEW
5. Armenian (Pokrig Ishkhane) 1 edition
6. Basque (Printze txikia) 1 edition NEW
7. Bavarian (Da kloa Prinz) 2 editions
8. Berliner or Berlin dialect (Der kleene Prinz) 1 edition
9. Bolognese dialect (Al Pränzip Fangén) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Andrea!
10. Brazilian Portuguese (O Pequeno Príncipe) 1 edition
11. Bulgarian (Malkiyat Prints) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Aleksandar!
12. Catalan (El petit príncep) 1 edition
13. Croatian (Mali kraljević) 1 edition
14. Czech (Malý princ) 3 editions NEW Thanks to Eliska and Lucas!
15. Danish (Den lille Prins) 1 edition
16. Dutch (De kleine prins) 1 edition
17. English (The Little Prince) 10 editions from UK, Ireland and USA, including Joann Sfar's graphic novel
18. Estonian (Väike Prints) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Priit!
19. Filipino-Tagalog (Ang Munting Prinsipe) NEW Thanks to Phil and Collins!
20. Finnish (Pikku Prinssi) 2 editions
21. Franconian (Der klaa Prinz) 1 edition
22. French (Le Petit Prince) 6 editions, including a big pop-up book, Joann Sfar's graphic novel and two audio-books NEW
23. Galician (O Principiño) 1 edition NEW
24. Gascon language (Lo Prinçòt) 1 edition
25. Genoese or Genoa dialect (O Prinçipìn) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Cinzia!
26. Georgian (Patara uplistsuli) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Natalia!
27. German (Der kleine Prinz) 11 editions, including a puzzle-book, a cookbook, an audio-book, a bilingual edition and the 70 years anniversary edition NEW
28. Hebrew (ha-Nasikh ha-ḳaṭan) 2 editions, the yellow one and the white one
29. Hindi (Chota Rajkumar) 2 editions

[The Little Prince in Hindi]

30. Hungarian or Magyar (A kis herceg) 2 editions
31. Icelandic (Litli prinsinn) 2 editions NEW Thanks to Wolmar!
32. Inari Sámi language (Uccâ Priinsâs) 1 edition
33. Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia (Pangeran Cilik or Pangeran Kecil) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Priscilla!
34. Irish Gaelic (An Prionsa Beag) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Cristina!
35. Italian (Il piccolo principe) 8 editions, including a big pop-up book, a miniature book  and Joann Sfar's graphic novel
36. Japanese (Hoshi No Oujisama) 3 editions NEW Thanks to Rika and Daisuke!
37. Korean (Princeling / 어린왕자 ) 1 edition, with CD
38. Latin (Regulus) 1 edition NEW
39. Latvian (Mazais princis) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Michel!
40. Lower Sorbian language (Ten mały princ) 1 edition
41. Macedonian (Maliot Princ) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Jožica!
42. Marquesan language (Te tama hakāìki iti) 1 edition
43. Milanese or Milan dialect (El Princip Piscinin) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Andrea!
44. Modern Greek (O Mikros Prinkipas) 1 edition
45. Modern standard Chinese (Xiao wang zi) 3 editions, including a graphic novel and a book in Chinese, English and French NEW Thanks to Andrea and Daisuke!
46. Neapolitan dialect (O' Princepe Piccerillo) 1 edition
47. Norwegian (Den lille Prinsen) 2 editions
48. Persian or Farsi from Iran (Shahriar Kudzhulu) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Nicky!
49. Piedmontese dialect (Ël cit prinsi) 1 edition
50. Polish (Mały Książę) 1 edition
51. Portuguese (O Principezinho) 2 editions NEW
52. Rajasthani (Naino RajKanwar) 1 editions NEW Thanks to Vincent!

[A lovely gift from India:
The Little Prince in Rajasthani]

53. Romanesco dialect or Romanesque (Er Principetto) 2 editions NEW Thanks to Cinzia and Andrea!
54. Romanian (Micul print) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Andrei!
55. Ruhr German (De kleene Prinz) 1 edition NEW
56. Russian (Malenkij prints) 4 editions NEW
57. Saami north-Lappish (Bas prinssas) 1 edition
58. Saarlandian (De glään Brins) 1 edition NEW
59. Sardinian language (Su Printzipeddu) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Lydia and Paolo!

[The perfect example of serendipity at work:
Looking for a yummy mint tea and finding...
The Little Prince in Serbian]

60. Serbian (Mali Princ) 1 edition NEW
61. Sicilian dialect (U principinu) 1 edition
62. Sinhala language or Sinhalese (Cuṭi kumārayā or Tikiri kumaruva) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Dennis!

[From Sri Lanka, a wonderful surprise:
The Little Prince in Sinhalese]

63. Skolt Sámi language (U'cc Priinsâz) 1 edition
64. Spanish (El Principito) 5 editions NEW Thanks to Dima and to Michel!
65. Swedish (Lille prinsen) 1 edition
66. Swiss German (Der Chly Prinz) 1 edition
67. Tahitian language (Te tamaiti ari'i iti) 1 edition
68. Turkish (Küçük Prens) 2 editions
69. Ukrainian (Malen'kyj prynts) 1 edition
70. Venetian dialect (El Principe Picinin) 1 edition