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Friday, January 25, 2013

Collecting "Le petit Prince" - The books, dialects and languages that are already part of my collection

As I promised last weektoday I publish the list of books / languages that are already part of my collection of different editions of "The little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
Since the book has been published in over 200 languages and dialects and I've (only) got 57 different languages so far, there is still a lot of work to do!

In the next weeks I will publish the list of books / languages that are not part of my collection (yet).

Wie ich letzte Woche versprochen habe, stelle ich heute die Liste der Bücher / der Sprachen ins Internet, welche schon Teil meiner Sammlung von verschiedenen Ausgaben des Buches "Der kleine Prinz" von Antoine de Saint-Exupéry sind.
Da das Buch in über 200 Sprachen und Dialekte veröffentlicht wurde und ich bisher (nur) 57 verschiedene Sprachen gesammelt habe, gibt es noch eine Menge Arbeit zu tun!

In den kommenden Wochen stelle ich die Liste der Bücher / der Sprachen ins Internet, die (noch) nicht ein Teil meiner Sammlung sind.

Come vi ho promesso la settimana scorsa, oggi pubblico la lista dei libri / delle lingue che fanno già parte della mia collezione di differenti edizioni de "Il piccolo principe" di Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
Dato che il libro è stato pubblicato in oltre 200 lingue e dialetti e io ne possiedo (solo) 57 al momento, c'è ancora un sacco di lavoro da fare!

Nelle prossime settimane pubblicherò la lista dei libri / delle lingue che non fanno (ancora) parte della mia collezione.

[It's time for another post about my "Le petit Prince" collection...
Thanks for the picture of this lovely Little prince-themed watch, Fra!]
  1. A kis herceg (Hungarian-Magyar / Ungarisch / Ungherese) 2 editions
  2. al-Amîr al-Saghîr (Arabic / Arabisch / Arabo) 2 editions NEW Thanks to Giacomo!
  3. Al Pränzip Fangén (Bolognese dialect / Bolognesisch / Dialetto bolognese) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Andrea!
  4. Ang Munting Prinsipe (Filipino-Tagalog / Filipino-Tagalog / Filippino-Tagalog) NEW Thanks to Phil and Collins!
  5. An Prionsa Beag (Irish Gaelic / Irisch-Gälisch / Gaelico irlandese) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Cristina!!
  6. Bas prinssas (Saami north-Lappish / Samisch-Lappisch / Sami del Nord-Lappone) 1 edition
  7. Chota Rajkumar (Hindi / Hindi / Hindi) 1 edition
  8. Da kloa Prinz (Bavarian / Bayerisch-Boarisch / Bavarese) 2 editions
  9. De glään Brins (Saarlandian / Saarländisch / Dialetto del Saarland) 1 edition NEW
  10. De kleene Prinz (Ruhr German / Ruhrdeutsch / Dialetto della Ruhr) 1 edition NEW
  11. De kleine prins (Dutch / Niederländisch / Nederlandese) 1 edition
  12. Den lille Prins (Danish / Dänisch / Danese) 1 edition
  13. Den lille Prinsen (Norwegian / Norwegisch / Norvegese) 2 editions
  14. Der Chly Prinz (Swiss German / Schweizerdeutsch / Tedesco svizzero) 1 edition
  15. Der klaa Prinz (Franconian / Fränkisch / Dialetto della Franconia) 1 edition
  16. Der kleene Prinz (Berliner / Berlinisch / Dialetto di Berlino) 1 edition
  17. Der kleine Prinz (German / Deutsch / Tedesco) 10 editions, including a puzzle-book, a cookbook, an audio-book and the 70 years anniversary edition NEW
  18. Ël cit prinsi (Piedmontese / Piemontesisch / Dialetto piemontese) 1 edition
  19. El petit príncep (Catalan / Katalanisch / Lingua catalana) 1 edition
  20. El Princip Piscinin (Milanese / Mailändisch / Dialetto milanese) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Andrea!
  21. El Principe Picinin (Venetian language / Venedisch / Dialetto veneto) 1 edition
  22. Er Principetto (Romanesco dialect or Romanesque / Römischer Dialekt / Dialetto romanesco) 2 editions NEW Thanks to Cinzia and Andrea!
  23. El Principito (Spanish / Spanisch / Spagnolo castigliano) 4 editions NEW Thanks to Dima!!
  24. ha-Nasikh ha-ḳaṭan (Hebrew / Hebräisch / Ebraico) 3 editions
  25. Hoshi No Oujisama (Japanese / Japanisch / Giapponese) 3 editions NEW Thanks to Rika and Daisuke!
  26. Il piccolo principe (Italian / Italienisch / Italiano) 7 editions, including a big pop-up book, a miniature book  and Joann Sfar's graphic novel
  27. Küçük Prens (Turkish / Türkisch / Turco) 2 editions
  28. Le Petit Prince (French / Französisch / Francese) 6 editions, including a big pop-up book, Joann Sfar's graphic novel and two audio-books NEW
  29. Lille prinsen (Swedish / Schwedisch / Svedese) 1 edition
  30. Litli prinsinn (Icelandic / Isländisch / Islandese) 2 editions NEW Thanks to Wolmar!!
  31. Lo Prinçòt (Gascon language / Gasconisch / Dialetto della Guascogna) 1 edition
  32. Malenkij prints (Russian / Russisch / Russo) 4 editions NEW
  33. Mali kraljević (Croatian / Kroatisch / Croato) 1 edition
  34. Malen'kyj prynts (Ukrainian / Ukrainisch / Lingua ucraina) 1 edition
  35. Maliot Princ (Macedonian / Makedonisch  / Macedone ) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Jožica!!
  36. Mały Książę (Polish / Polnisch / Polacco) 1 edition
  37. Malý princ (Czech / Tschechisch / Ceco) 2 editions NEW Thanks to Eliska!
  38. Micul print (Romanian / Rumänisch / Rumeno) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Andrei!
  39. O Mikros Prinkipas (Modern Greek / Griechisch / Greco moderno) 1 edition
  40. O Pequeno Príncipe (Brazilian Portuguese / Brasilianisch / Portoghese brasiliano) 1 edition
  41. O' Princepe Piccerillo (Neapolitan language / Neapolitanisch / Dialetto napoletano) 1 edition
  42. O Principezinho (Portuguese / Portugiesisch / Portoghese) 2 editions NEW
  43. O Prinçipìn (Genoese / Genuesisch / Dialetto genovese ) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Cinzia!!
  44. Patara uplistsuli (Georgian / Georgisch / Georgiano) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Natalia!!
  45. Pikku Prinssi (Finnish / Finnisch / Finlandese) 1 edition
  46. Pokrig Ishkhane (Armenian / Armenisch / Armeno) 1 edition
  47. Princeling / 어린왕자 (Korean / Koreanisch / Coreano) 1 edition, with CD
  48. Regulus (Latin / Latein / Latino) 1 edition NEW
  49. Ten mały princ (Lower Sorbian language / Niedersorbisch-Wendisch / Lingua soraba inferiore-Lusaziano inferiore) 1 edition
  50. Te tamaiti ari'i iti (Tahitian language / Tahitianische Sprache / Lingua tahitiana) 1 edition
  51. Te tama hakāìki iti (Marquesan language / Marquesanisch / Lingua delle Isole Marchesi) 1 edition
  52. The Little Prince (English / Englisch / Inglese) 10 editions from UK, Ireland and USA, including Joann Sfar's graphic novel
  53. U principinu (Sicilian / Sizilianisch / Dialetto siciliano) 1 edition
  54. U'cc Priinsâz (Skolt Sámi language / Skoltsamische Sprache / Sami skolt) 1 edition
  55. Uccâ Priinsâs (Inari Sámi language / Inarisamische Sprache / Lingua Sami di Inari) 1 edition
  56. Väike Prints (Estonian / Estnisch / Estone) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Priit!
  57. Xiao wang zi (Modern standard Chinese / Chinesisch / Lingua cinese mandarino) 3 editions, including a graphich novel and a book in Chinese, English and French NEW Thanks to Andrea and Daisuke!
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