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Friday, January 25, 2013

Collecting "Le petit Prince" - The books, dialects, and languages that are already part of my collection

As I promised last week, here I am with "the" list.
Which list? I am glad that you ask. 

Today I am sharing with you the list of books/languages that are already part of my collection of different editions of "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Since the book has been published in over 200 languages and dialects and so far I got 69 different versions so far, there is still a lot of work to do!

In the coming weeks, I will publish the list of books/languages that are not part of my collection (yet).

[It's time for another post about my "Le Petit Prince" collection...
Thanks for the picture of this lovely Little prince-themed watch, Fra!]

Without no further ado, ladies and gents...
1. Afrikaans (Die Klein Prinsie) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Robert!
2. Arabic from Egypt (al-Amîr al-Saghîr) 1 edition
3. Arabic from Morocco (al-Amîr al-Saghîr) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Giacomo!
4. Arabic, international version (al-Amîr as-Saghîr) NEW
5. Armenian (Pokrig Ishkhane) 1 edition
6. Basque (Printze txikia) 1 edition NEW
7. Bavarian (Da kloa Prinz) 2 editions
8. Berliner or Berlin dialect (Der kleene Prinz) 1 edition
9. Bolognese dialect (Al Pränzip Fangén) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Andrea!
10. Brazilian Portuguese (O Pequeno Príncipe) 1 edition
11. Bulgarian (Malkiyat Prints) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Aleksandar!
12. Catalan (El petit príncep) 1 edition
13. Croatian (Mali kraljević) 1 edition
14. Czech (Malý princ) 3 editions NEW Thanks to Eliska and Lucas!
15. Danish (Den lille Prins) 1 edition
16. Dutch (De kleine prins) 1 edition
17. English (The Little Prince) 10 editions from UK, Ireland and USA, including Joann Sfar's graphic novel
18. Estonian (Väike Prints) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Priit!
19. Filipino-Tagalog (Ang Munting Prinsipe) NEW Thanks to Phil and Collins!
20. Finnish (Pikku Prinssi) 2 editions
21. Franconian (Der klaa Prinz) 1 edition
22. French (Le Petit Prince) 6 editions, including a big pop-up book, Joann Sfar's graphic novel and two audio-books NEW
23. Galician (O Principiño) 1 edition NEW
24. Gascon language (Lo Prinçòt) 1 edition
25. Genoese or Genoa dialect (O Prinçipìn) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Cinzia!
26. Georgian (Patara uplistsuli) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Natalia!
27. German (Der kleine Prinz) 11 editions, including a puzzle-book, a cookbook, an audio-book, a bilingual edition and the 70 years anniversary edition NEW
28. Hebrew (ha-Nasikh ha-ḳaṭan) 2 editions, the yellow one and the white one
29. Hindi (Chota Rajkumar) 2 editions

[The Little Prince in Hindi]

30. Hungarian or Magyar (A kis herceg) 2 editions
31. Icelandic (Litli prinsinn) 2 editions NEW Thanks to Wolmar!
32. Inari Sámi language (Uccâ Priinsâs) 1 edition
33. Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia (Pangeran Cilik or Pangeran Kecil) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Priscilla!
34. Irish Gaelic (An Prionsa Beag) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Cristina!
35. Italian (Il piccolo principe) 8 editions, including a big pop-up book, a miniature book  and Joann Sfar's graphic novel
36. Japanese (Hoshi No Oujisama) 3 editions NEW Thanks to Rika and Daisuke!
37. Korean (Princeling / 어린왕자 ) 1 edition, with CD
38. Latin (Regulus) 1 edition NEW
39. Latvian (Mazais princis) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Michel!
40. Lower Sorbian language (Ten mały princ) 1 edition
41. Macedonian (Maliot Princ) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Jožica!
42. Marquesan language (Te tama hakāìki iti) 1 edition
43. Milanese or Milan dialect (El Princip Piscinin) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Andrea!
44. Modern Greek (O Mikros Prinkipas) 1 edition
45. Modern standard Chinese (Xiao wang zi) 3 editions, including a graphic novel and a book in Chinese, English and French NEW Thanks to Andrea and Daisuke!
46. Neapolitan dialect (O' Princepe Piccerillo) 1 edition
47. Norwegian (Den lille Prinsen) 2 editions
48. Persian or Farsi from Iran (Shahriar Kudzhulu) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Nicky!
49. Piedmontese dialect (Ël cit prinsi) 1 edition
50. Polish (Mały Książę) 1 edition
51. Portuguese (O Principezinho) 2 editions NEW
52. Rajasthani (Naino RajKanwar) 1 editions NEW Thanks to Vincent!

[A lovely gift from India:
The Little Prince in Rajasthani]

53. Romanesco dialect or Romanesque (Er Principetto) 2 editions NEW Thanks to Cinzia and Andrea!
54. Romanian (Micul print) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Andrei!
55. Ruhr German (De kleene Prinz) 1 edition NEW
56. Russian (Malenkij prints) 4 editions NEW
57. Saami north-Lappish (Bas prinssas) 1 edition
58. Saarlandian (De glään Brins) 1 edition NEW
59. Sardinian language (Su Printzipeddu) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Lydia and Paolo!
60. Sicilian dialect (U principinu) 1 edition
61. Sinhala language or Sinhalese (Cuṭi kumārayā or Tikiri kumaruva) 1 edition NEW Thanks to Dennis!

[From Sri Lanka, a wonderful surprise:
The Little Prince in Sinhalese]

62. Skolt Sámi language (U'cc Priinsâz) 1 edition
63. Spanish (El Principito) 5 editions NEW Thanks to Dima and to Michel!
64. Swedish (Lille prinsen) 1 edition
65. Swiss German (Der Chly Prinz) 1 edition
66. Tahitian language (Te tamaiti ari'i iti) 1 edition
67. Turkish (Küçük Prens) 2 editions
68. Ukrainian (Malen'kyj prynts) 1 edition
69. Venetian dialect (El Principe Picinin) 1 edition