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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Discovering Sushezi, a Sushi maker that simplifies preparing Sushi at home for Maki-lovers

As you already know, I rave about delicious Vegan Sushi and Vegan Frushi...
I could eat it every day. And yes, I enjoy it so much, that I write Sushi with a capital letter...

[Easy-to-follow instructions of Sushezi
Image source: Sushezi.Com]

Unfortunately Sushi and Frushi can be either expensive, or time-consuming, or they can mess your kitchen up. I know a couple of places in Berlin where eating Sushi is less expensive than usual, but eating Sushi every day? It's tempting, but not healthy, at least financially speaking.

That's why this week I was so happy to discover the Sushi maker Sushezi, produced in New Zealand since 2007. Why I am discovering it only now?!

But I am digressing from this interesting Sushi maker...
Its motto is "Perfect sushi made easy" and looking at the pics preparing Sushi at home looks really easy and "dummies-proof". And the rolls are perfectly formed, regular and neat.

[Sushezi instructions - Steps #1. to #5.]

According to the instructions for using Sushezi & preparing sushi rice tips (downloadable in PDF format on the official website and included in the package) it's possible to use the Sushi maker for preparing Maki at home in 10 easy steps, with fillings of your choice. 

In my case, it would be slices of avocadoes, cucumbers, celeries, carrots, bean sprouts, tofu, bananas, strawberries, apples...
What about you? 

[Sushezi instructions - Steps #6. to #10.]

Sushezi website has a simple, elegant and user-friendly layout and includes five common sections: 
  1. Home 
  2. Instructions 
  3. Other uses 
  4. Where to buy 
  5. Contact us
Unfortunately "Where to buy" is currently listing only stores located in New Zealand, but there are international distributors for Argentina, Australia, France, Israel, North America, Republic of South Africa, Singapore, Spain, Ukraine and United Kingdom. And I have also seen Sushezi on Amazon and eBay.

The website is announcing the forthcoming publication of its first Sushezi recipe book and meanwhile it suggests other uses for Sushezi: Ginger-nut Log, Lolly Cake Roll, Chocolate salami, Walnut fudge rooll, Basic biscuits...
But I think I am going to focus on Vegan Sushi and Frushi. After all I have to catch up years without eating enough of it...

Did you already know Sushezi? (and if yes, why didn't you tell me?!)
Or do you have another Sushi-making procedure? Let me know in the comments!

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