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Friday, February 1, 2013

Five easy tips for enjoying and improving your networking strategy

For a lot of people networking can be a nightmare: they consider it as something difficult, time-consuming, somehow dirty, self-serving or even worse than that.

I have to say that I totally disagree. I see networking as something funny, inspiring, useful for both sides and easy to do.
How? By believing that your life is made of people and the more interesting people you know and help, the better for you and for them.

In my opinion, networking is all about sharing: sharing knowledge, sharing ideas, sharing tipps, sharing motivation, sharing suggestions, sharing know-how, sharing contacts, sharing experiences. 

Networking is about spending time with people who can help you and whom you can help out. It is about making your life and their life better because of it. It is definitely about giving them something that they don't know/have and you do and about getting support and ideas from them.

Are you still not sure that networking is a good thing for you? 
Here you have five easy tips about networking, to start enjoying it:

#1. Believe that you are a wonderful person and that you can add value to the life of others. Never doubt it.#2. Go out and smile. Be happy when you meet a new person. Every person is a chance to enrich your life.#3. Focus on the beautiful character quirks of each person and don't judge them. You don't know how walking in their shoes feels like.#4. When you say "I would be glad to follow up" mean it. And do it: follow up.#5. Introduce interesting people you know to other interesting people you know. This way you will make their life more rich and valuable.

Are you ready to network now?
Did I miss something?

ps. The new post about "The little Prince" will be online next week on Monday!

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