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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Collecting "Le petit Prince" - The books, dialects, and languages that are not part of my collection yet (I-Z)

This week I have already published the first part of the list of books/languages that are not part of my collection (yet), including the missing languages from A to H.
As I promised, here we are with the second part of the list (missing languages I-Z)!
The second part of the list is huge: almost 90 missing languages! (They were actually more than 90 only some months ago...)

This means that if you want to buy a present for me, it's very easy to make me happy, don't you think? (I am kidding, of course... Well, sort of kind of)

I am a hopeless optimist and I am sure that my collection will grow and grow over the years.
Have a nice weekend!

[Dating A Flower Feels Very One-Sided
is the "new" title for "The Little Prince", 
according to the "Better Book Titles" project]

  1. Ido 
  2. Kabardian 
  3. Kannada 
  4. Kazakh 
  5. Khmer 
  6. Konkani 
  7. Kurdish (different editions) Mirzaye Bicuk
  8. Kyrgyz
  9. Ladin (different editions) Le Pice Prinz, L Pitl Prinz
  10. Ladino or Mexican Spanish
  11. Languedoc
  12. Laotian or Lao language
  13. Latvian Mazais Princis
  14. Laz 
  15. Leonese
  16. Limburgish or Limburgian
  17. Limousin 
  18. Lithuanian
  19. Lotharingian 
  20. Low German or Plattdeutsch (different editions)
  21. Luxembourgish
  22. Malagasy Ilay Andriandahy Kely
  23. Malayalam
  24. Maltese Il-Princep iz-Zghir - OOP*
  25. Marathi
  26. Mari
  27. Maya  (different editions)
  28. Middle English
  29. Middle High German or Mittelhochdeutsch
  30. Mirandese
  31. Molise Slavic or Slavomolisano 
  32. Mongolian (different editions)
  33. Nepali 
  34. Niçard
  35. Occitan 
  36. Old English or Anglo-Saxon 
  37. Old High German
  38. Oriya
  39. Otomí 
  40. Palatine German De Kläne Prinz
  41. Papiamento 
  42. Parmigiano dialect or Parmesan 
  43. Pashto 
  44. Pennsylvania German language or Pennsylvania Dutch 
  45. Picard 
  46. Piedmontese Occitan-Provençal Ël Pchi Prinsë
  47. Plautdietsch or Mennonite Low German
  48. Provençal dialect 
  49. Punjabi
  50. Quechua (different editions) Auquicu
  51. Romani language O cino krajoro
  52. Romansh (different editions) Pitschen prenci
  53. Sardinian 
  54. Saterland Frisian 
  55. Scottish Gaelic 
  56. Serbian Mali Princ
  57. Slovak Malý princ
  58. Slovenian Mali princ
  59. Somali 
  60. Sorbian  (different editions)
  61. South Tyrolean Dr kluane prinz
  62. Swabian 
  63. Swahili
  64. Tajik 
  65. Tamazight or Berber (different editions)
  66. Tamil Kutti ilavarasan
  67. Tatar 
  68. Telugu Chinnari rakumarudu
  69. Tetum 
  70. Thai Jâau Chaai Nóoi
  71. Ticinese
  72. Toba Qom language
  73. Turkmen
  74. Tyrolese
  75. Upper Austrian 
  76. Urdu 
  77. Uzbek
  78. Valencian 
  79. Viennese German or Wienerisch - OOP*
  80. Vietnamese Hoàng tú'bé
  81. Wallon language
  82. Welsh
  83. Xhosa 
  84. Yiddish Der kleyner prints
  85. Zazaki
  86. Zulu 
*OOP = Out of print, please drop me a line
if you should know how to find it!

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