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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Collecting "Le petit Prince" - The books, dialects, and languages that are not part of my collection yet (A-H)

As you maybe know, weeks ago I have published the list of books that are already part of my collection of "Le petit Prince": they were 44 languages in it then (now they are more than 60!). 

In the same post, I have promised to publish the list of books/languages that are not part of my collection (yet).
Since the list is - unfortunately - very big, I have decided to split it into two parts. Today I'm publishing the first part of the list (missing languages A-H).

On Saturday I will publish the second part of the list (missing languages I-Z), at last!
Stay tuned!

[The Little Prince Grand Tour Doll, 2000
Thanks for the picture of this treasure, Rossana!]

  1. Abkhaz language 
  2. Albanian (different editions) Princi i vogël
  3. Alsatian D'r klein Prinz
  4. Altai 
  5. Alur dialect (Uganda) Nyathin wo rwoth manok
  6. Amharic Nyathin wo rwoth manok
  7. Arabic (different editions, 3 already in the collection, always looking for different ones)
  8. Aragonese O Prenzipet
  9. Aramaic (different editions)
  10. Aranese
  11. Armenisch (different editions, 1 already in the collection, always looking for different ones)
  12. Aromanian or Vlach 
  13. Assamese or Asamiya 
  14. Asturian El Principín
  15. Azerbaijani or Azeri (different editions) Baladzha Shahzadä
  16. Badish-Alemannic Dr chlei Prinz
  17. Bambara or Bamana Masadennin
  18. Belarusian or Belorussian Maljen'ki Prync
  19. Bengali Khude Rajkumar
  20. Bergamasque 
  21. Bosnian  Mali Princ
  22. Breton Ar Priñs Bihan
  23. Burmese
  24. Buryat or Buriat 
  25. Carinthian
  26. Chechen 
  27. Chinese from Taiwan Hsiao Wang Tzu
  28. Cornish 
  29. Corsican U Principellu
  30. Creole (different editions) Lo Ti Prins
  31. Dari 
  32. Drèents or Drents
  33. Egyptian language 
  34. Elfdalian or Övdalian
  35. Eonavian or Galician-Asturian 
  36. Esperanto 
  37. Extremaduran El Prencipinu
  38. Faroese 
  39. Franco-Provença or Romand Lo Petsou Prince
  40. Frisian (different editions)
  41. Friulian 
  42. German of Cologne or Kölsch 
  43. Guaraní 
  44. Gujarati 
  45. Hakka Chinese
  46. Hessian 

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