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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Korean restaurants to try out in Berlin, if you are curious to experience something new

Can you name at least one popular Korean dish?

In Berlin, Korean food has been the next big thing for the last six to seven years and Korean restaurant of any kind keep popping up on a regular basis in every Bezirk, while happily taking care of Berliners' love for Korean food and new shiny trendy cooking trends.

Korean restaurants are strong on burgers, table-grill & barbecue dishes and, of course, everything prepared while using kimchi and similar salted and fermented vegetables.

[Korean Barbecue Tofu Bowls
a tasty vegetarian re-invention of a traditional Korean dish
Pic & recipe by ohmyveggies]

Most side dishes are vegan or can be adjusted to be consumed as a vegan option and in the best restaurants, it is also possible to find very competent staff, able to offer gluten-free options.

Here you can find a list of Korean restaurants to try out in Berlin.
If your favorite one is still missing in this list, be sure to let me know, and enjoy!

Kollwitzstraße 84, 10435 Berlin
The restaurant is specialized in Asian burgers and snacks.
Chilees Korean Burgers
Choriner Str. 35, 10435 Berlin
The restaurant offers Korean burgers. No official website, but available via Foodora and Deliveroo.
Hagenauer Str. 9, 10435 Berlin
The restaurant offers Korean food and table-grill options.
Gogogi (or go:gogi) NEW
Weinbergsweg 24, 10119 Berlin
Some of the Korean restaurants present in the most trendy parts of the city are quite small and almost as big as a closet, but not this one, situated in Mitte and offering a big selection of Korean dishes and barbecue options.
Nollendorfstraße 31, 10777 Berlin
The restaurant offers Korean food and barbecue.
New Arirang NEW
Warschauer Str. 22, 10243 Berlin
The restaurant is located in Friedrichshain and offers traditional Korean food and barbecue.

[One of the most popular Korean dishes, Bibimbap,
could be served like this or with vegetarian only options.
The mileage may vary, depending on the restaurant]

Sam Yuk Gu NEW
Seestraße 71, 13347 Berlin
Cozy Korean restaurant in Wedding, increasingly popular and appreciated.
Schmiljanstraße 25, 12161 Berlin
The restaurant is specialized in traditional Korean food.
Tegeler Straße 27, 3353 Berlin
The restaurant offers traditional Korean food.
Kottbusser Damm 96, 10967 Berlin
The restaurant offers Korean barbecue. 

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