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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Vegetarian and vegan-friendly Chinese restaurants to try out in Berlin, for the perfect mix of tradition and fusion cuisine

Even if I don't go to Chinese restaurants that often these days, Chinese food has a very special place in my heart, since Chinese restaurants have been among the first 'exotic' ones to conquer Italian food landscape, back in the Eighties and Nineties.

Therefore, Chinese food was for me the very first experience with exotic food, as a child, and overall with something officially recognized and highlighted as totally "different": new unheard recipes, lots of beautiful and poetic names, mysterious ingredients and so much fun with the chopsticks...

[My first encounter with Chinese culture as a child...
Lots of fun with chopsticks 
and John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China (USA 1986)]

Fun with the chopsticks and cinematic stereotypes aside, Chinese cuisine is overall yummy, incredibly diverse and eclectic and, last but not least, (usually) healthy and well-balanced. So, without no further ado...

Here you can find a list of Chinese restaurants to try out in Berlin. Feel free to drop me a line to suggest new ones! 

Cha for Tee
Friesenstraße 18, 10965 Berlin
Restaurant in Kreuzberg that offers Chinese dumplings with various fillings and vegan or vegan-friendly dishes. No official website yet.
Goebenstraße 23, 10783 Berlin
The restaurant is specialized in Northern Chinese food, typical of the Dongbei region (once known as Manchuria) that includes the three provinces of Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang.
Lao Xiang
Wichertstraße 43, 10439 Berlin
* Personally tried out. Traditional and authentic Chinese cuisine, with big portions and exactly the kind of décor you would expect from this kind or restaurant. Vegetarian-friendly, but not exactly vegan-friendly, and yet well-known and very appreciated by Chinese people in Berlin.
Schliemannstraße 19, 10437 Berlin
Located in Prenzlauer Berg, the restaurant got a very good reputation thanks to an impressive variety of Dim Sum, Chinese dumplings with many different fillings, some of them vegetarian and/or vegan-friendly, and on top of it offers plenty of recipes from Beijing.
Kantstraße 33, 10625 Berlin
Noodle house in Taiwanese style with a very good reputation, among the oldest Chinese restaurants in Berlin.
Pariser Str. 58, 10719 Berlin
Fusion restaurant with a huge selection of noodles and a famous Chinese breakfast with convenient prices.
Tak Kee
Wilmersdorfer Str. 79, 10629 Berlin
Restaurant in Charlottenburg that offers Chinese recipes in Hong Kong and Cantonese style. No official website yet.

[Image credit: The Tree]

Brunnenstraße 167, 10119 Berlin
Fusion restaurant with minimal interior design, specialized in Sichuan-style noodle soups, that also offers many vegetarian options.

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