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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Funny merchandising for Jane Austen fans: Jane Austen bandages and beautiful stamps

You may or may not know that I really admire Jane Austen and her work. And that I consider her one of the best English writers of the last centuries, even if other writers (including the otherwise awesome Mark Twain) and a lot of literary critics were not always that crazy about her.

[Classy parody of Jane Austen 
as modern and a little bit pompous Hollywood screenwriter]

And yet Jane Austen is still absolutely popular and well-known, her persona reached the status of a pop culture icon (with new deductions about Miss Austen being murdered with arsenic, no more and no less) and her works keep providing the perfect materials for movies, plays, television adaptations, comics and graphic novels, re-writings with zombies or XXX sexual fantasies and... knitting sets as well.

This could not be enough for very die-hard fans of the British author, who can not find cookies, puzzles, jewellery and other stuff interesting any longer. What about a package of colourful Jane Austen bandages then?

[Pretty in Pink... and in Blue
Jane Austen bandages]

If you prefer something more traditional, you can always choose the most classic merchandising of all times: stamps. For the 200th anniversary of "Pride and Prejudice", the Royal Mail has released a set of six stamps featuring all six Austen's novels: "Sense and Sensibility" (1811), "Pride and Prejudice" (1813), "Mansfield Park" (1814), "Emma" (1815), "Northanger Abbey" (1818) and "Persuasion (1818) on February 21st, 2013.

[Jane Austen stamps set
February 2013, Royal Mail]

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