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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A big news published in advance on this blog, just for you, just today...

This is not official yet but...
I want you to be the first ones to know that I am going to become a Suicide Girl and to model for a calendar for naked tattooed women. 
So everyone will be able to see all my tattoos and to have pics of them, at last.

Dita Von Teese, stand aside... I am coming!

[Dita Von Teese in Purple latex catsuit
Copyright Jim Weathers, 2001]


Happy April Fools' Day, guys!

Update 2015:
I am always amazed - and of course very flattered as well - to see that this is one of the most popular posts of the whole blog, even after over a year.

If you are curious to understand just a little bit better how I look like, it is enough to have a look at the About Me page... Where you can see me pretty well, even if I am not undressed. Sorry for that.

Update 2016, May:
I am planning to publish a new pic of me, where it will be possible to see my tattooed arms as well. Stay tuned for it!

Update 2016, September:
Here we are, at last.
After such a long waiting... On the pages About Me and Where to start, if you are new you can find a couple of new pics of me by Radoslaw Kosiada. Enjoy!

Update 2017, March:
Since you asked for it, guys...
Here you can find further pics, in that post about three powerful questions one can use for small-talk and that post about how to create your personal detector for your own excuses and BS.

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  1. If I should publish naked pictures of myself, you will be the first one to be informed, promised!

  2. I will take it as a compliment.
    Actually I am planning to publish a picture of myself (even if not a naked one...) in this blog very soon, so please stay tuned for it!

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, drum roll, please...
    there is a picture of me in the page "About Me" of the blog!