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Saturday, September 20, 2014

LinkedIn two-step verification system and the mystery of human relationships

[The message says:
Two-Step Verification
You are signing in from an unrecognized device.
Please enter the verification code sent to the phone number ending in XXXX 
[United States, Germany in my personal case] to finish signing in.]

When I am signing in to my LinkedIn account, I get the message below, every time, together with a SMS containing the verification code. As soon as I decide to sign in, I get the SMS. Then I just have to use the code sent via SMS to login. Action and reaction. 

Everything is clear, simple, automatic and foreseeable. 
I do something and something else happens, as a consequence. The same action causes the same reaction to happen, every time. If I do A, then and only then I get B. If I do C, something else happens. If I don't do anything, nothing happens.

No surprises, no drama, no tears, no frustration are involved.
Action and reaction. 

Why human relationships can't be like that as well?
Why one has to ask himself/herself all the time if one is doing the right thing or not? Why I have to wait, even if would love to be contacted just right now?

If you should have the solution for the deep mystery of human relationships, please drop me a line.
And feel free to drop me a line even if you don't have the ultimate solution, but just a clue.

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