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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Does X matter, or not? The basic question about discrimination and inclusion

X (insert here the factor that could define you for some reason and make it possible to discriminate you and go for someone else instead: age, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, social background, looks, financial situation, social status, family situation, working experience, gender, emotional baggage, location and so on...) does not matter. You say. Or they say.

Sometimes, you are right.
If you are dealing with people that carry the same conviction as you and think that X does not mean anything and other factors are more relevant, then X doesn't matter, other factors are more relevant and together you will figure out how to make the most out of a situation.

[Sometimes it doesn't matter. And sometimes it does.
Knowing the difference between both scenarios
and how to deal with it is key]

However, it takes only one person to decide that, within a certain human interaction, X matters. And in that case, it will.
Making them change their mind because you disagree, is not always your job.
And even if it should be or become your job, it could be helpful to you to decide, for yourself, under which kind of circumstances you are going to stop and to take your business elsewhere.

It could make the difference. For you. 
And maybe for them as well.

Tags: Discrimination, Mental shift