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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

'Avatar' by James Cameron (USA/UK, 2009)

Only a 'visual genius' like James Cameron could entertain the biggest audience of the cinema history for almost three hours with a beautiful, poetic, cinematic and really touching metaphor about politics, genocide, pollution and endless greed: in fact, absolutely powerful and tragic topics but not popular at all, not able to upset a crowd. Until now.

Over and above the past (the genocide of Native American, to give an example...), if we talk only about the present, our present, it's happening right now in every corner of the world something very similar to what happens in the movie and we don't have a second planet that we can colonize, destroy, devastate. But 99% of people simply don't want to think about it, they refuse to consider or to believe it.

They refuse to consider that they're involved, in something like this. During the projection, I simply could not stop to think about Amazonia. It was impossible, for me.

Avatar is visually perfect, full of cinematic quotes - from Werner Herzog to Stanley Kubrick, from Clint Eastwood to Francis Ford Coppola, from Peter Jackson to Jean-Pierre Jeunet, from Mel Gibson to George Lucas, from John Boorman to Cameron itself, with his 'Alien's' saga chapter, and so on... - and it's a kind of movie that you have to watch for the first time on a big screen, definitely in 3D, in original version if possible.

Have a look at the comic by The Oatmeal Avatar: How to choose a Banshee

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