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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Laughing alone about...

[Volkspark in Berlin, Kreuzberg]

Something very difficult for me to understand is the Germany's obsession with weather. 'Das Wetter' is the main conversation theme, every day. Particularly in Berlin, where the weather could change even four or five times in a single day, you can always have something to talk about.

Today I was speaking with an Italian friend, trying to explain to him something more about 'das Wetter'. By using this metaphor, I've started to laugh alone at my own words... Disquieting!

Summer is like an 'one night stand'. It doesn't last so long, is very intense and powerful and it leaves you sweaty and confused. When you get up and start to understand what's happening, it's already gone for good.
Winter is like a marriage with the wrong person without having the opportunity to divorce. It lasts a time that you consider an eternity, is very unpleasant and exhausting and it leaves you depressed and frozen stiff. When you've already lost any hope, arleady sure it will last for ever, suddenly it's springtime again.

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