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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tears on my pillow? Better a giant Ryan Gosling, thanks!

Crazy, Stupid, Love. was funny, but also a little bit too conventional. But with that Dirty Dancing scene...
The Believer is like an hidden gem. How many people have seen it? It's from 2001 and it is absolutely still worth it!
The Notebook was toooooo sweet and in Italian I would say 'Too much saccarine for me, thanks'. But the famous scenes with all that kissing were amazing. Which girl wouldn't like to be kissed like that?!
Murder by Numbers was the typical Sandra Bullock movie. Take it or leave it. I will take it.

[Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love
These two actors are just so good together]

I really enjoyed Half Nelson for the bravery of the plot. 
And I think that Lars and the Real Girl is better than a lot of anthropological essays about our society, systemic therapy and group dynamics.
Blue Valentine made me almost cry. Ok, you got me. I cried like a baby.
And All good things was disturbing and challenging, even if I always wanted to visit Vermont, once in a life.
Everybody has seen The Ides of March, most because of George Clooney anyway.

But Drive is really something special, even more special if you know The Driver by Walter Hill, with Ryan O'Neal, Bruce Dern and Isabelle Adjani.

I have missed out The United States of Leland, The Slaughter Rule and Remember the Titans, it's true. And I can't imagine Ryan as a young Hercules at all.

But I can say that I know Ryan Gosling's movies pretty well and that I like a lot his acting style, his professional and personal choices and the way he wants to be something different from just another hot guy like the others and he works hard for it.

So I really had to smile when a friend of mine sent me this Ryan Gosling "Husband Pillow": something that a lot of women could consider perfect for bad days, bad hair days, bad eye-liner days and for every other day as well.

[Image Source: Life for Films]

Genial, isn't?
I am sure that a company that would actually produce this kind of commodity would become rich in a couple of weeks. Or maybe hours...
And what a hell of perfect gift for the woman that has "almost" everything already...

Thanks T. for the link!

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