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Monday, October 15, 2012

Today is Blog Action Day: The Power of We

Today is Blog Action Day and this year we are celebrating "The Power of We".
The Power of We is one of the most important ones, because thanks to it almost everything is possible.

We? Yes, we.
In a "me-and-only-me" era, we is yet still more powerful and enchanting.

We as human beings.
We as individuals.
We as friends.
We as wonderful people.
We as interesting one-of-a-kind always looking for someone special just like we are.
We as Vegan, if you are Vegan too.
We as bloggers, if you are going to publish a post too.
We as agents of the change.
We as the present.
We as the future.
We as women. And we as men.
We as someone absolutely sure that it´s possible to do something more, something better, something really important, something significant. Something, no matter what.

Every time, when I feel alone or I think that there is no hope, I remember that I am not alone and that there is always hope. Because of you. Because of we. Because today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I can still fight for my dreams and for making the world a better place, just by starting around me. Just by believing that I can. Just by helping other people. Just by being authentic. Just by saying yes and no only if I really feel like.

Just by writing another post.
Just by writing this post.

Are you with me?
Are you with us?

We are every day more and more. And we can change everything. I know it, because it´s already happening.

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