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Friday, December 28, 2012

LinkedIn, a powerful network and my top five of actors and actresses from the classical Hollywood

I consider LinkedIn a very useful tool and a great website that offers plenty of chances for meeting interesting and talented professionals. 
When I get a LinkedIn invitation, I see the invitation itself as a very important part of finding a personal way to stay in touch with my connections and getting to know them better.
I don´t collect connections, I create a powerful network including people from all around the world instead.

Just yesterday I found out that one of my new connections and I share the same passion for classic movies, for example, and we exchanged opinions about quotes, great Hollywood directors, and actors in a very pleasant way.

[One can't talk about classic movies without talking about it:

And then I got one of the most difficult questions that someone fond of movies can get:

Who is my favorite actor and who is my favorite actress? 

Since I know that it is not possible for me to reply to this question, I decided to change it a little and I made a list of five actors and five actresses who I admired in classical Hollywood movies from the past.
I am talking about actors and not about film stars. Otherwise, the list would be different once again. And yet it's difficult for me to choose only five names and I had to "forget" a lot of actors which I really love.

Here's my list, anyway:

#1. Paul Newman 
#2. Marlon Brando 
#3. Al Pacino 
#4. Michael Caine 
#5. James Stewart 

#1. Marlene Dietrich 
#2. Katharine Hepburn 
#3. Lillian Gish 
#4. Shirley MacLaine 
#5. Audrey Hepburn 

Do you have a top five of your favorite actors and/or actresses from the past?

PS. This one is for Matt, a great Harvey fan.

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