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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

5 easy steps for a problem-solving system that you can use for your projects... and for reading over 10.000 e-mails as well

A couple of months ago I asked you if you would read over 10.000 e-mails
I explained you my reasons. And I promised to keep you posted with my quest.
For sure you thought that was a rhetorical question. And that I was not going to read over 10.000 e-mails. No way!

Well, you were wrong.
I do keep working on my long-term project. In my inbox are not over 10.000 e-mails any longer. Now they are only 7.385.

It is still too much, for sure. Absolutely too much. Insanely too much.

But there are almost 3.000 less, in about two and half months of work. And this while getting dozens of new e-mails every day. So I managed not only to read the important ones, but also to not let the number of the e-mails grow.
I am very happy with the results and I am going to keep working on it.

Which aspects of this mail-project can be applied to other projects and to goals that are important to you?

#1. Work on it a little bit every day. The key word is "perseverance".#2. Don't let the amount of work scare you.#3. Split a very big problem into a lot of smaller, doable steps.#4. Focus on one small step at the time, take care of it, and then start working on the next one.#5. Keep track of your results and your progress.

This problem-solving strategy can be applied to a lot of projects and situations: learning a foreign language, taking an online class, becoming a better blogger, losing weight, organizing a very elaborate trip, creating a business plan, writing a book, learning a new skill, etc.

What do you think?
For which projects are you already using this system? Is it working for you?

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