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Monday, January 21, 2013

Life is too short for not being healthy. Or do you consider "healthy" a bad word?

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.
Jim Rohn

I don't drink coffee or alcohol. Usually I don't drink soft beverages and I don't eat chocolate or other sweets really often. If I do it, it means that I am in a very bad mood or extremely stressed and tired. 
I am Vegan. I follow a gluten-free and yeast-free diet. A lot of vegetables. A lot of fruits. Rice, mais, potatoes. Nuts. Green tea and herbal teas. No ketchup. No sauces. No sugar in my tea. 

[Vegetables, anyone?]

Over the time I learned that most people feel somehow attacked and intimidated, if you eat in a different way. They perceive you as a threat, even if you don't say anything and if you don't try to change their minds. 

They make jokes. They ask questions about your diet. They say: "Oh, it's very healthy!". And for the first time in your life, you realize that "healthy" can be connotated in a negative way. That some people think that you are a snob or that you are too healthy, just because you care.
They imagine that you are some kind of non-human robot, because in their opinion it is easier to eat junk food, drink a lot of Coke and do what everybody else does. "Commendable" is another adjective that I learned to be suspicious of.

I do care, a lot. My body is everything I have and I want to be healthy as long as I can. And yet sometimes it is ok to eat a ration of french fries or to enjoy a little bit of dark chocolate. Missing a Vegan gluten-free pizza has never been an option. 

Why are so many people afraid to be healthy and to be perceived as healthy?
Life is too short for not being healthy. But it is also too short for not allowing yourself some kind of delight, don't you think?
Ice cream? French fries? Pizza? Cookies? Pie? Which one is your favourite delicacy?

Man sollte auf seinen Körper aufpassen. Er ist der einzige Ort, in dem man wohnen kann.
Jim Rohn

Ich trinke weder Kaffee noch Alkohol. Normalerweise trinke ich keine Erfrischungsgetränke und ich esse Schokolade oder andere Süßigkeiten nicht regelmäßig. Wenn ich das doch tue, bedeutet es, dass ich entweder schlecht gelaunt oder sehr gestresst und müde bin.
Ich lebe Vegan. Ich befolge eine gluten- und hefefreie Diät. Ganz viel Obst und Gemüse. Reis, Mais und Kartoffeln. Nüsse. Grüner Tee und Kräutertee. Kein Ketchup. Keine Soße. Keinen Zucker in meinem Tee.

Mit der Zeit habe ich gelernt, dass die meisten Leute sich irgendwie angegriffen und eingeschüchtert fühlen, wenn man auf eine andere Weise isst. Sie nehmen die Person als Drohung wahr, auch wenn man nichts sagt und nicht versucht, die Leute zu überreden. 

Sie machen Witze. Sie stellen Fragen über die besondere Diät. Sie sagen etwas wie: "Oh, das ist aber sehr gesund!". Und für das erste Mal in seinem Leben, erfährt man, dass "gesund" auch ein schlechtes Wort sein kann. Man versteht, dass diese Leute die Person als hochnäsig oder zu gesund empfinden, nur weil die Person sich um ihre Gesundheit kümmert.
Sie nehmen die Person als eine Art von nicht menschlichem Roboter wahr, weil sie der Meinung sind, dass es einfacher ist, Junk Food zu essen, eine Menge Cola zu trinken und zu tun, was auch alle Anderen tun. "Vorbildlich" ist noch ein Adjektiv, welchem ich jetzt misstraue.

Ich passe auf mich auf. Mein Körper ist alles, was ich habe, und ich will so lange wie möglich gesund bleiben. Obwohl ich es als volkommen in Ordnung sehe, ab und zu eine Portion Pommes Frites zu essen, oder ein Stück bittere Schokolade zu genießen. Und eine Vegane glutenfreie Pizza verpasse ich auf keinen Fall.

Wieso haben so viele Leute Angst davor, gesund zu sein und als gesund wahrgenommen zu werden?
Das Leben ist zu kurz, um nicht gesund zu sein. Es ist aber auch zu kurz, um sich manchmal nicht zu verwöhnen, oder?
Eis? Pommes Frites? Pizza? Keks? Kuchen? Welche ist Eure Lieblingsköstlichkeit?

Prendetevi cura del vostro corpo. Si tratta dell'unico posto in cui vi è dato di vivere.
Jim Rohn

Non bevo alcolici né caffè. Di solito non bevo bibite gassate e non mangio cioccolato o altri dolci molto spesso. Se lo faccio significa che sono davvero di cattivo umore o che sono decisamente stanca e stressata.
Sono vegana e seguo una dieta senza glutine e senza lievito. Un sacco di frutta e verdura, riso, mais e patate. Frutta secca. The verde e infusi d'erbe. Niente ketchup. Niente salse strane. Niente zucchero nel mio the.

Col tempo ho dovuto imparare che la maggior parte delle persone si sente in qualche modo attaccata e intimidita, se qualcuno mangia in modo diverso. Si viene percepiti come una minaccia, anche se non si dice niente e non si tenta di far cambiare idea agli altri.

Ti vengono indirizzate battute. Ti vengono rivolte domande sulla tua dieta. Ti viene detto: "Oh, è davvero sano!". E per la prima volta in vita tua, ti rendi conto che "sano" può indicare qualcosa di negativo. E che alcune persone pensano che tu sia uno snob o che tu sia troppo sano, solo perché ti prendi cura di te stesso.
Nelle loro fantasie diventi una sorta di robot non umano, perché sono convinti che sia più facile mangiare junk food, bere un sacco di Cola e simili e fare tutto quello che fanno gli altri. "Esemplare" è un altro aggettivo di cui ho imparato a diffidare.

Mi prendo cura di me. Il mio corpo è tutto quello che ho e voglio rimanere sana il più a lungo possibile. Ciononostante penso sia assolutamente accettabile mangiare una porzione di patatine fritte o gustare un pezzetto di cioccolato fondente ogni tanto. E di sicuro non mi perdo una pizza vegana senza glutine per niente al mondo.

Perché così tante persone hanno paura di essere sane e di essere percepite come tali?
La vita è troppo breve per non essere sani. Ma è anche troppo breve per non concedersi qualche coccola ogni tanto, non trovate?
Gelato? Patatine fritte? Pizza? Biscotti? Una torta? Qual è il vostro peccato di gola preferito?

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  1. I can' t really say I eat in a commendable way, I drink coffee and eat sweets, even if I don't drink so much coffee as my colleagues do (max 2 per day). For them I am TOO healthy, I practise TOO much sport and I am crazy, from a weird point of view. If I don't quit coffee at all is beacuse I'm lazy, and changing habits requires a lot of energy.. so I think it is the same for them.. eating junk food is faster than cooking vegetables, it is already done, and it tastes better (even if it is on personal opinion..).. you're the example that changing habits is possible, with determination and will.. and nodoby wants to admit he's lazy..

  2. This is a very good point, I guess.
    It happens to me a lot that at some point, somewhere, I just "miss" people in action, because suddenly (or not so suddenly) they start to perceive my way of life as a menace, even if it has anything to do with them.

    Even if I don't talk about it. Even if we don't have lunch together. They make fun of me or of my way of life, they criticize it, they have to ridicule it.

    Me? I just don't care if they do it. It makes just easier for me to think that I have anything in common with such people...