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Saturday, May 4, 2013

7 easy tips on how to create the right frame for an important meeting

Are you practicing the four steps of Nonviolent Communication?
I hope so!

While using the steps of Nonviolent Communication to face conflicts and difficult situations in a respectful and pleasant way, it's very important to create the right frame for your discussions, in order to make it easy for you and for the other person to ride over the problems without getting stressed and without losing the face. 

The right frame is essential, while discussing an important matter
[The right frame is essential, 
while discussing an important matter]

Here you can find 7 easy and useful tips, related to emotional intelligence, perfect for creating a peaceful and "productive" frame for a meeting, a discussion or a gathering:

#1.  Don't try to discuss a very important matter with someone if you are upset or angry;
#2. Calm down and connect with yourself before doing it.

#3. Ask someone when he/she has time to discuss the matter with you and be open to his/her suggestions.

#4. Discuss the matter with someone in a neutral environment, if possible;
#5. Discuss the matter with someone in a place where you can be sure of not being disturbed by others.

#6. Discuss the matter with someone in private and not in front of other people who are not involved;
#7. Schedule a "feedback" meeting after a week (or after a month, it depends on the matter), if necessary, for discussing improvements, changes and further topics.

Did I forget something?
Are you already using these tips?
Let's discuss in the comments!

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