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Sunday, November 24, 2013

How to learn a foreign language, Zombie Boy & a difficult and yet interesting question for tattooed people

While learning or improving your language skills in a foreign language, it is important to read a lot in that language. In this way, your passive vocabulary will become bigger and you will learn useful expressions used by native speakers.

While doing it, it is a good idea to read books, magazines, articles on the Internet etc. about topics that you like and are important and appealing to you. So I read, for example, tattoo magazines, in English, and in German, and today I stumbled upon a difficult and yet interesting question for tattooed people:

How many hours have you been tattooed so far?

My first reaction was...
Oh well. Gosh. So let me check. I guess... I would say about... No, maybe...
You got the picture. I had no idea. Not the slightest idea.

I got my first tattoo almost twenty years ago, when being tattooed was not so common for a girl in my age, and since then I collected a lot of questions about tattoos. But in the end, they are almost always the same and people usually ask me how many tattoos I have, which one was the most painful one, which one is my favorite one.

So far nobody asked about how many hours I spent while being tattooed. And yet it makes sense and it is actually a very good question, because having a lot of small tattoos and having, for example, both sleeves and the full back tattooed are very different stories, in my opinion, so knowing how many hours people spent in a tattoo parlour so far is way more explanatory than how many tattoos people have.

[Canadian body artist and model Zombie Boy (born Rico Genest) 
with Lady Gaga as a zombie lady
So Zombie Boy, how many hours have you been tattooed so far?!]

What about you?
How many hours have you been tattooed so far?
Did someone ask you this question before?

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