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Sunday, November 24, 2013

How to learn a foreign language, Zombie Boy & a difficult and yet interesting question for tattooed people

While learning or improving your language skills in a foreign language, it is important to read a lot in that language. In this way, your passive vocabulary will become bigger and you will learn useful expressions used by native speakers.

While doing it, it is a good idea to read books, magazines, articles on the Internet etc. about topics that you like and that are important and appealing to you. For this reason, I read tattoo magazines, in English, and in German, and today I stumbled upon a difficult and yet interesting question for tattooed people.

I got my first tattoo almost twenty years ago, when being tattooed was not so common for a girl in my age, and since then I collected a lot of questions about tattoos.
But, in the end, they are almost always the same and people usually ask me how many tattoos I have, which one was the most painful one, which one is my favorite one.

Nobody ever asked so far...

[Canadian body artist and model Zombie Boy (born Rico Genest) 
with Lady Gaga as a zombie lady
So Zombie Boy, how many hours have you been tattooed so far?!]

How many hours have you been tattooed so far?

My first reaction would probably be...
Oh well. Gosh. So let me check. I guess... I would say about... No, maybe...
You got the picture. Until today, I had no idea. Not the slightest idea.

So far, nobody ever asked how many hours I spent while being tattooed. 
And yet it makes sense and it is actually a very good question: having a lot of small tattoos or having, let's say, both sleeves and the full back tattooed are very different stories, in my opinion, so knowing how many hours people spent in a tattoo parlor so far is way more explanatory than how many tattoos people have.

What about you?
How many hours have you been tattooed so far?
Did someone ask you this question before?

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