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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Just yet another epic DHL delivery fail, or the three pivotal elements while building (and keeping) trust in a relationship - Part I

Shopping for products online can be exciting, funny, time-consuming, smart, interesting, frugal, money-draining, surprising, safe, addictive, disappointing. 
And even if what you purchased is exactly how you were expecting it to be and you are not experiencing one of the more and more common online shopping epic fails that go viral these days, after purchasing something online you probably feel a little bit nervous until that very special moment where, after such a long waiting and so much patience, you are going to hold the package in your hands, at last.

[Not a long time ago, happiness was...
being in love with someone that loves you back.
Now happiness is way more mail-related]

Last week I bought something online from a website where I placed a previous order a couple of months ago. The first buying experience was just fine, so I gave the website the green light - and my money - for a second round.

We live and we die by time, and we must not commit the sin of turning our back on time.
Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland
Cast Away by Robert Zemeckis (USA, 2000)

At the moment of finalizing the order, I was presented with the possibility of choosing between two different service providers for the delivery, and I opted for DHL. After one day I did get an e-mail from DHL, that informed me that I would have got the package the day after. So far, so good.

First thing it's two minutes, then four, then six, then the next thing you know, we're the U.S. mail.
Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland
Cast Away by Robert Zemeckis (USA, 2000)

[One of the most iconic images of Cast Away:
Chuck is stranded on a desert island 
with lots of more or less useless packages...
No Wilson in sight so far]

Since I was sure that I would not have been at home the day after and I didn't want the package to be entrusted to someone living in the neighborhood or working in some shop near my place - like it's a very common practice in Berlin - I took advantage of the planned delivery, a feature offered by DHL at no cost. 

For the ones that may not know how this feature works: Basically one has the possibility to re-schedule online the delivery of the purchased goods, as already said at no cost, in order to make it easier for the delivery guy to find the recipient and for the customer to get his package on time with no hustle.
You just indicate on which day you are going to be home and the package will be delivered to you  on that day between 8 AM and 6 PM. You will be at home as expected, the delivery guy will ring the bell, the delivery of the package will take place, you will sign the receipt and all will live happily ever after.

Right? Well, most of the time. But not last week.
Last week everything went absolutely wrong. And this showed me once again which three elements are absolutely fundamental, in order to build - and keep - trust, in every kind of relationship, it doesn't matter if we are talking about a personal, private or professional one.

Stay tuned for the second part of this story for discovering the three elements that build trust.
And good luck with your packages in the meantime.

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