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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lady Gaga as a meteor? A huge but

Yesterday I was reading the celebrities' quotes collected in The Top 10 Celebrities Who Hate Lady Gaga. It doesn't matter, that actually most of them didn't hate her and that are saying nothing more that 'her music sucks, she's a meteor, she is not going to last'. She's copying Madonna and Grace Jones, they say.

I can't agree or disagree, because I've never heard a single note from her, just seen photos and posters. I can only say that I don't like her mises and she's too artificial, in my humble opinion. But. There is a huge but.

[Bad taste and original mises bigger than life:  
This is Lady Gaga's style, dude! Take it or leave it]

For years people told the same about Madonna and I can't think of anyone else who did in pop music what Madonna has done. No other woman, I mean.
And I'm not writing that because I like Madonna. On the contrary, I don't like her. To put it better, I don't like her any longer.

 [It feels like ages ago:
Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) by Susan Seidelman]

I was a child, when Madonna became famous and everybody said about her the same things people are now saying about Lady Gaga, maybe also worse. And they said that obviously Madonna was not going to last.

Now they've all disappeared or they had to give it back and Madonna is like a very powerful corporation. Never underestimate people's bad taste.

Update, October 2014
Meanwhile I heard of course a lot of Lady Gaga's songs and they are not so bad, even if I am not a fan of her.
She is for sure a great marketing guru and I admire her for that. She can do a pretty good job, while promoting herself. Here something interesting to read, about this:
6 Ways to Find an Audience that Hangs on Your Every Word
What Lady Gaga can teach you about creating a following

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