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Monday, June 7, 2010

What's the day for Purple, according to Thai tradition

[Soo purple: Shani, the celestial judge...
Image source: Hindu Rituals and Routines...]

Thanks to Cornell Robinson, I've discovered a tradition that I find very fascinating: in Thai culture every day of the week has a colour assigned, related to the God protector of that day.

Purple is the colour for Saturday, for planet Saturn and for Shani, 'celestial judge'. Another colour for Saturday is black, traditionally the colour associated with death, funerals and mourning. Purple and black are my favourite colours, even if black is actually not a colour but the absence of colour itself, at least while considering black as the complete absence of light, and therefore the absence of colour, and the full spectrum of light, and therefore the sum of all colours.

Which day of the week do you prefer, according to this colourful Thai tradition?

Monday - yellow - Moon - Chandra
Tuesday - pink - Mars - Mangala
Wednesday - green - Mercury - Budha
Thursday - orange - Jupiter - Brihaspati
Friday - blue - Venus - Shukra
Saturday - purple - Saturn - Shani
Sunday - red - Sun - Surya

Tags: Thai traditions, Colours, Week days, Planets, Shani 

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