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I am a localization manager/translator and intercultural consultant living in Berlin (Germany), passionate about languages, cultures, diversity management, dancing and good movies.  

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mood: Accidentally in love (with Berlin)

Living 24/7 by speaking a foreign language it's very hard, sometimes.
You have to think in another language. To speak another language. To make yourself understandable while using another language.
Even if you're not sure you're saying something in the right way or even if you're sure you're having a misunderstanding. You simply don't have another choice, you have to.

[A courtyard in Berlin, Kreuzberg]

Once in a while all this is just too much. And it hurts. And when I have the impression that living while being lost in translation the whole time is too hard for me and I can't take it anymore, I just take a walk through the streets of Berlin and everything makes sense again.

Since centuries, writers, poets, songwriters and filmmakers talk about falling in love with a city, a place, a street. I'm deeply in love with Berlin.

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  1. ti viene subito voglia di vivere in qlla casa * and suddenly you'd just want to live in that house!

  2. Hai assolutamente ragione!
    You're absolutely right!