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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Purple hair & fashion girls: The gorgeous world of freelance illustrator and photographer Kris Atomic

Kristina Mordokhovitch aka Kris Atomic is a very talented artist and freelance illustrator/wedding photographer based in Brighton.
Her work is lovable, original and quite impressive:

[The girl with the Purple kimono
Image credit: Kris Atomic]

The doll-like girls of her illustration & sketchbook works are absolutely funny, sweet and innocent but cool and somehow naughty at the same time.
If they also have purple hair or purple shoes, or cotton candy hair with a white blouse that Marlene Dietrich would definitely pull off, like the young lady you can see below, what else I am supposed to say?

[Ok, you got me...
Candy hair is also fine!
Image credit: Kris Atomic]

A very interesting section of her website, that showcases her activity both as a photographer and as an illustrator, is dedicated to the so-called "Little portraits", in which she is able to show the uniqueness of her subjects thanks to minimal, absolutely adorable portraits.

[Look book illustrations
for designer Lamija Suljevic’s A/W ’10 collection
by Kris Atomic]

Further information:
Kris Atomic's official website
Kris Atomic's official blog

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