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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cultural differences in the workplace? A questionnaire needs your thoughts and ideas!

If I have to think about some of my favorite movies about the workplace, I could say I have seen just one movie over and over again, even if that's not actually true.
I have seen a lot of movies, but finding similarities among them is not that complicated, since most of them...
  • were made in the Eighties;
  • are romantic comedies or at least comedies;
  • have amazing female characters;
  • show horrible clothes, haircuts, and styles.
Just a couple of titles? Well, Working Girl and Nine to Five for sure.

[Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford
in Working Girl (1988) by Mike Nichols]

But today I don't want just to talk about movies. Today I'd like to invite you to fill out a questionnaire. What kind of questionnaire?

For her master degree in organizational psychology at the Ghent University (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences), Jozefien De Wolf is conducting a study about cultural differences by making a comparison between the economic behavior in different cultures (the Flemish and German ones, to be more specific).

She needs people who work in Germany and are fluent in German, to fill in her questionnaire.
It takes about 15-20 minutes and it's completely anonymous, but it's possible to indicate an e-mail address to be contacted or receive the results of the study. And to win two movie tickets!

Further information:
The questionnaire on Studentenforschung.de
[in German, link no longer active]
Ghent University (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences)
Department of Personnel Management, Work and Organizational Psychology

Help Jozefien and spread the word to friends, fellows, and colleagues, ok?

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