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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My boots are made for walkin', or 5 things you can do when you feel lost

These boots are made for walkin'
And that's just what they'll do
One of these days these boots
Are gonna walk all over you
Nancy Sinatra, These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
(These Boots Are Made for Walkin’, 1966)

Maybe it happened to you as well, at one point or another in your life: feeling stuck, feeling that you don't know what to do, feeling that you have no clue about what you actually want.

Let's be honest. Feeling that way is not funny at all. And it is even less funny having the impression that you are not yourself any longer, that you are somehow lost and unable to move.

[What to do? 
Feeling unable to move, take a decision or solve a problem
is no fun at all...]

And yet it doesn't last forever. It never lasts forever. Exactly when you think that you are about to spin around for good, things start to make sense again. Suddenly, you are not lost any longer. Suddenly you know exactly what you have to do. 

Such a moment is pure magic.
But what you can do while waiting for that moment?

Here 5 things I do, in such circumstances:

#1. Talking with good friends of mine, to ask for suggestions. Good friends are gold and they are able not only to give precious advice, but also to listen and to help one to shed some light on important matters;

[Going out with friends and talking talking talking...
like Emily Friehl (Amanda Peet) and Oliver Martin (Ashton Kutcher) 
do in A Lot Like Love (2005) by  Nigel Cole:
the best invention ever after chocolate and tattoos]

#2. Dancing, swimming, working out, practicing Yoga, to find a new perspective and stay positive. The human body produces endorphins during exercise, that are useful to boost self-esteem, reduce stress and increase energy levels;
#3. Taking a long walk to think about new solutions while keeping cool. My boots are definitely made for walkin', and so should yours;

[Vegan, Purple and made for walkin':
Airseal Para Boot by Vegetarian Shoes]

#4. Writing down my thoughts, without criticism or any kind of hesitation, to understand the situation better. Writing is a great way to make a tricky situation less scary and ambiguous;
#5. Going to see a movie, to just enjoy a couple of hours without getting crazy. After seeing a good movie I just can't be in a bad mood any longer. Period.

It works for me, anytime.
What about you?

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  1. I absoluteley vote for making exercises and producing endorphins... You just won't have enough energies for worrying about your future after a gym session.. ;) and, anyway, you will be more positive and your head really lighter... But I also suggest to listen to some relaxing music while colouring mandala.... so relaxing..

  2. You are right, I completely forgot to mention music...
    Even if it was clear to me, while talking about dancing and taking a walk.
    But music should definitely be on this list.

  3. It couldn't be so easy, but also going away for a few days should be usefull. It doesn't matter where you go, the important thing is that you can look beyond the horizon, I think.

  4. Yeah, this is a great idea as well.
    Going away, seeing new places, changing perspective can be a cure-all.