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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Life is as sweet as a yummy purple cupcake. Until it's not... Resilience, bravery and cool quotes for abandoning the standby mode and going back to life

Sometimes one is sad, hopeless and defeated.
Or he has been let down by friends or acquaintances.
Or ill-treated by someone for no apparent reasons.

Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.
Lou Holtz

The desire to scream, to be rude or just to run away and to forget everything and everyone can be strong, way too strong to be ignored.
And it can also happen that one actually disappears for a while, without talking to anyone, returning phone calls or replying to e-mails. Putting life, friends, and chores on standby.

[There is no life in standby mode. One has to deal with it
So sorry for that]

The most amazing thing about life, besides of its weird sense of humor, is that it can't be put on standby forever. Life is short and one has to live it. Now. No matter what. No excuses accepted.

If you don't like someone's story, write your own. 
Chinua Achebe [1930-2013]

What does it happen, when one starts to live again, to smile again, to be grateful again for all the small things that make life incredible?

She kept swimming out into life because she hadn't yet found a rock to stand on.
Barbara Kingsolver

Life, that's what happens.
With all that life means.
There is going to be another cool movie,  another good book, another interesting art exhibition, another salted hot bath, another dancing night in some club, another special dinner, another sunny afternoon. Another inspiring talk or a funny joke or just another "feel good" moment with a friend.

[James Stewart and Donna Reed in
It's a Wonderful Life (1946) by Frank Capra,
one of the best "feel good movies" ever]

Because friends, at least the real ones, are going to be there. As if they would always have been there, even if one didn't talk to them for a long time. 
Because real friends are there for staying, ready to share not only the pleasant moments but also the sad ones.

Dr. Seuss once said: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind".

[If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best...
One of the most famous Marilyn Monroe quotes. 
And yet she probably never said it. At least like this.
But... who cares? The message is a great one]

So if you, for a change, feel sad, hopeless and defeated, go for it. Say it. Cry. Take a short break from everything and take care of yourself as you prefer. But after that... 

Go back to life. And live it. Day by day.

[Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm...
Nope, this quote is not by Navjot Singh Sidhu, 
not even if Internet says so. Sorry]

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. 
Publilius Syrus [fl. 46 BC-29 BC]

When the sea is calm, everyone can be the captain of a ship. Good times are easy. And almost everyone wants to befriend the cool kids or someone that is having success. Life is sweet, on the top of the world.
And yet it is in bad times, that one understands how strong someone is, how badly one wants something, how hard one has to work in order to achieve something that is worth stress, pain, doubts, fear, tears, and frustration.
If living something exceptional, having special friends and being the person one wants to be would be easy stuff, everybody would just get there without problems, right?

[As sweet as a purple cupcake...
And yet, life is not always easy, sugar!]

It’s a free world with big, open borders. [...] For the first time in human history, your options really are endless.
But you’re going to have to give something the very best of yourself, and never look back.
Naomi Dunford

Life is not always easy. Life is for sure not always sweet. But it is always worth it, at least for how long one decides to be on this planet and to go on, day after day, week after week, month after month.

Even if one feels defeated and out of the game.
Even if one feels like a big, huge, sad, scary nothing.
It is practically never the case.

So the best thing to do is just... doing something.
Taking action. Starting small and then going bigger and bigger afterward. To notice the fear and the sadness and the hopelessness and to acknowledge it, without giving in.
Being brave and resilient doesn't mean being fearless or just irresponsible. It means being strong enough to stay in the unpleasant situation instead and to work hard for changing it a little bit at the time. To dedicate time to what really matters. To get back to life, leaving the standby mode behind oneself.

So how brave do you feel?
How resilient are you?
How much time do you still want to live in standby?

And above all... how much risk are you willing to take, in order to be happy and to face your demons?

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