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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The first question one should ask herself in bad days... and probably also in good ones

Some days are great, other days... not so much.
Sometimes one feels ready to rock the world and to accept every possible challenge, while going with the flow and facing chance and unknown outcomes, sometimes it would be awesome to spend the day in bed without having to get up or to go out. Do you know that feeling?

He would conclude that nothing was real except chance.
Paul Auster, City of Glass

I would be surprised if someone would not know that feeling at all. 
And yet, some of us can deal with that feeling better than others and, while having a bad day or being afraid or worried, are able to improve their mood and to take care of their emotional condition in a matter of minutes. 
Those people acknowledge, embrace and own the fact that everything can happen and that one needs to take some risks and to not allow fears and doubts to stop her, after all, and to decide to make an amazing day out of a day that started poorly. 

[A genuine smile, a nice meet up with someone special for you, 
a funny thought, a cool song or just a silly joke: 
there are a lot of things that can be a bright light on a bad day]

I strongly believe that accepting that risk and rocking the world anyway, even when one is afraid, one doesn't feel enough [fill the blank with your favorite adjective] for it or doesn't feel like it at first, is a choice. A choice that pays off very handsomely.

Why? Because it is incredibly difficult. Because it is rare. Because it takes effort. Because it pushes one outside of her comfort zone and most people don't like to go there.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.
Fred Devito

In the short run, taking a risk and doing something that is unusual and perhaps unpleasant can be a big pain, but in the long run it is almost always a good idea, because what can be challenging or even terrible for a couple of hours or even for a couple of days, will probably make it possible for someone to learn and experience something new and useful for the years to come, to really grow and expand as human being.

For discovering something new, for experiencing something different, for acquiring new skills and new know-how, one has usually to change. 
It is funny that the words "chance" and "change" are quite similar, don't you think?

[Change management principles are useful not only for companies and organizations,
but also for individuals willing to improve their life
Image source: SlideShare]

In days that start in the wrong way, when the introvert in me would just like to disappear and to have it cozy and comfortable, I learned to ask myself one very simple question, to be honest with myself while giving the answer and to live accordingly to it. 

What if I wasn't afraid?
What would I do, then?

If I would not be afraid and I would be strong enough to choose change as a way of life, to embrace uncertainty and chance as a matter of fact and to actually enjoy it as an endless source of growth and discovery, I would just... go for it.
I would accept the struggle as a part of the game. I would take responsibility for my actions and my choices. I would live with the consequences. Even when it is not easy. Even when it hurts. 
And this is what I actually do. I know that it will be worth it for me, in the long run.

How about you? What's your answer?

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