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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Are you a special snowflake, or just one that is hiding? The crucial difference that defines diversity

"Many people think they are special snowflakes, especially if they put an effort in being different", they say. And probably they are right.

[Which kind of special snowflake are you?
Image credit: REuuN]

Still, I often have the impression that they are missing the very subtle and yet crucial difference between:
- I am being myself, which means that I am not trying at any cost to be like everyone else.
- I am being myself, which means that I am trying at any cost to be unlike everyone else.

Can you spot the difference?
And where's the difference for you?

Most of the time, being different is a challenge. And most of the time, not a funny one.
You can fight against it, trying to conform, whatever the price, and hide behind your fake conformity, or you can embrace your way of being different, see it as an asset and cherish it and make the most out of it, for your and the people around you. 

Using no way as a way, using no limitation as limitation.
Lee Jun-fan, known as Bruce Lee [1940-1973]

Who do you aspire to be? 

This one is for the bounciful M.

Tags: Being different, Diversity, Change of perspective, Self-awareness

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