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Saturday, July 14, 2018

What do lean startups and minimalism have in common?

How would you describe a lean startup, with your own words?

If you are looking for a very good article for beginners about lean startups and entrepreneurship, look no further. The Lean, Agile Way to Build Your First Product by Andrew Blackman is what you are looking for. The article is easy to read and to understand, detailed without being too detailed and definitely readable, clear and well written.

A short, apparently innocent and very pragmatic passage captured immediately my attention and stuck with me even after me being done with the whole reading:

Being lean is not about saving money; it’s about avoiding wasted effort. In this highly competitive, fast-changing environment, you can’t afford to waste time and energy, especially if you’re working by yourself or with a small team. The goal is to make effective use of all your time and resources.

[Lean startups and people that embrace minimalism
have so much in common: it is all about quality over quantity,
seeing changes and also failures as a part of an exciting experiment
and being aware of standards and expectations]

Why did exactly this passage stick with me, you could ask. (hey, good question!)
Or, you could check out the blog series about minimalism that I have completed lately, while writing the last post about emotional minimalism.
A good teaser for it could be the following quote:

Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.
Brian Tracy

Just saying, of course. :)

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