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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Which superpowers do you have? Twenty questions that will help you the next time you will talk about yourself in public

If tomorrow you should stand up and find yourself in the middle of a room, filled with twenty people looking at you and waiting for you to talk about your superpowers as a human being, what would you say?

Is it easy for you to introduce yourself or you too, like most people, are somehow afraid of talking in public or not sure about what you should talk about in the first place?

[Like every other human being,
you are a special mix of everything that makes you...
you. How are you going to convey your superpowers?]

Here you have 20 questions that can help you to break the ice and to find your own superpowers, if you are still looking for them:

You & your unique experience
What did you love to do when you were young?
What are the five most valuable things you have learned, over time?

Your passions
What passions do you have? 
What does excite you? 

Going with the flow
What do you enjoy doing that makes the time fly?
When you have some free time, what do you do?

You as an example for others
What do the people around you thank you for?
Where do others ask for your advice? 

You as a quirky bookworm
What is your favorite section in the bookstores? 
Which magazines do you always grab first?

You & your life design
What have you achieved?
Which items are on your bucket list?

[Which challenges in your life did make you 
as special as a purple cow or...
as a millennial pink banana?]

Your strengths
What personal transformation have you gone through? 
What have you struggled with and overcome?

Your essence
What do the new acquaintances in your life have to know about you?
What topic is on several of your lists?

Your secret weapons
What talents do you have? 
What skills do you have? 

You as an expert
What topic jumps out at you? 
What topic would be easiest for you to teach?

This one is for Katharina.

Tags: Networking, Introducing yourself, How to discover your superpowers

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