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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just sing it! Sing what? But 'Azzurra', of course!

In Italian, my mother tongue, Azzurra is a very particular and unusual name.

It's absolutely not a biblical or otherwise religious one, it's definitely not a traditional one, it's not even featured in the calendar with all Catholic saints and literally means 'azure' or 'light-blue'. Or, to put it better, 'something female which color is light-blue'.
Yes, you got it right: my name is actually not even a proper name. It is an adjective instead, because Italian adjectives change on the basis of gender and number, like in many other Romance languages.

[Not only Paolo Conte and Adriano Celentano sing Azzurro...
there is also a peculiar cover 
by the famous German punk band Die toten Hosen]

All my life, I've being asked a lot of stupid questions about it and in particular if my name does come from Adriano Celentano's song 'Azzurro' (written by Paolo Conte) or from Lucio Battisti's song 'Acqua azzurra, acqua chiara', that are very popular in Italy and, I've lately discovered, in Germany too.

[I am sorry, but I had nothing to do with the famous
Italian yacht racing team that competes in the 1983America's Cup]

Sometimes people ask me even if my name does come from the sailing boat that once has competed in the 1983 America's Cup. I was already six years old, at that time.

[Elvis Presley vs. Little Tony,
Image source: Carlo Casale]

But. Today I've discovered a truly ugly song from Little Tony, an Italian Elvis Presley's clone. The title? Azzurra!? The song is really terrible, but... enjoy it!

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