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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Colors in culture - This can be the color of... #1. Green, or 100 different cultural references about the color of hope and freshness

As already said in this post about cultural differences in color psychology, every color can evoke different ideas, feelings, and meanings, depending on the culture, the historical background, the pop-culture references of a specific place.

So here we are, with a new blog post series about colors... 
Usually, people wait for getting green light about a new project, a new activity, a new job. Let's start with green as well.

Again, green is the color of a lot of fantasy creatures like dragons, leprechauns, fairies. How about Shrek, the Grinch, the famous green eggs of Dr. Seuss, Green Lantern, the Green Goblin and Hulk?

[Useful thesaurus of Green shades,
with the proper English names,
by Ingrid Sundberg]

Here you can find a list of 100 different cultural references: emotions, ideas, objects, places etc. related to green as a color.

1. Absinth
2. adventure
3. air
4. Allah in nature
5. Anahata, the heart chakra (fourth chakra of the tantra tradition)
6. apples
7. aspiration
8. banknotes
9. beans
10. bitterness
11. calmness
12. chlorophyll
13. cleanliness
14. clover
15. comfort
16. devil
17. dragons
18. efficiency
19. emeralds

[I personally prefer amethysts, but... 
meet the Gachala Emerald:
one of the world's largest emeralds in the world,
housed at the National Museum of Natural History 
(Smithsonian Institution)
Image source: Wikipedia]

20. environment
21. environmental awareness
22. envy
23. equilibrium
24. evil
25. fairies
26. faith
27. fecundity
28. fertility
29. foliage
30. frankness
31. freedom
32. freshness
33. friendship
34. gambling

[Green can be the color of gambling:
most casino tables are green,
and green is for sure the traditional roulette table]

35. gems
36. generosity
37. good
38. good luck
39. grass
40. greed
41. green fields
42. Green Goblin
43. green light
44. green room
45. green years
46. growth
47. hard feelings
48. harmony
49. harvest
50. health
51. hope
52. The Incredible Hulk
53. jade
54. jealousy
55. lantern
56. laziness
57. leaves
58. leprechauns
59. life
60. Martians
61. moist
62. moss
63. mountains
64. mucous
65. natural disaster
66. nature
67. neutrality
68. open store
69. outdoors
70. peace
71. pistachios

[Green, healthy and so tasty...
Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the pistachios!]

72. progress
73. prosperity
74. quietness
75. relax
76. relaxation
77. renewal
78. reproduction
79. rivers
80. safety
81. Saint Patrick's Day
82. security
83. sincerity
84. smoothies
85. Spring
86. strength
87. sustainability
88. sustainable jobs
89. sympathy
90. tea
91. tranquility
92. trees
93. uncertainty
94. valleys
95. vegetables
96. vegetation
97. verdigris
98. vigor
99. virtue
100. wisdom

101. youth

What is missing, in your opinion?
Feel free to drop me a line and let me know.

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