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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Can a relationship be just like a yoghurt?

If it’s important today, it will be important tomorrow.

Sometimes it's very easy to convince yourself that you need to achieve everything immediately. Right now. Every little bit of a thing. Just now. No matter what.
But it's not true.

The best way to understand if something is really important is to ask yourself 'Is this going to be still important to me in six months?'. Well, if the answer is yes, then go ahead with it. If not, think twice about it and about the time and the energy you are willing to spend to be able to achieve something is not going to mean nothing to you in less than six months. Do you want to go ahead with it anyway? You're welcome, but please don't ask for my help if you're going to be disappointed or bored.

Is it the same with people? Even if we don't want to know it... well, yes. Most of the time. What makes people so important is the time we decide to commit to them, to spend with them, to dedicate to them. Today, tomorrow, in six months, in ten months, in three years. You got it.

What kind of relationships are you trying to build? The kind is able to leave you something full of meaning year after year or the kind less durable than a yoghurt?

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