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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mood: Time Travel in Purple Feat. "my" wedding dress

To be honest, I have to say immediately that, of course, in comparison with the main characters of Four Weddings and a Funeral, I am just an absolute beginner. And yet, about eight years ago I reached that wedding age, in which one starts to get at least a couple of wedding invitations every year. 
If you are going to reply that you started going to weddings when you were six, please stop. That is not the kind of weddings I am talking about.

I am talking about the weddings of your friends, of your schoolmates, of your ex boyfriends, of your flatmates, of your colleagues... Weddings of people in your age or even way younger than you. 

[The amazing cast of Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) 
by Mike Newell, from left to right: 
Kristin Scott Thomas, Hugh Grant, Simon Callow, 
Andie MacDowell, Charlotte Coleman, John Hannah, James Fleet]

Yes, exactly that kind of weddings. And even if I have never been into weddings and I never actually thought seriously about getting married, each time I can't help to feel the social pressure while being stuck in a sort of nice and yet somehow nightmare-like scenario. 

Getting a wedding invitation. Another one. 
Choosing the dress. Choosing the shoes. Choosing the make up. Doing my best to look great.
Going to the wedding. Being asked when I am going to be next one. From a guest. And another guest. And another one. And finally from the mother of the bride.
Being forced to compete with other women for the throwing of the bouquet. Actually getting the bouquet (it happened more than once already...) and then being asked again when I am going to be the next one, then.

I am surrounded by married friends and acquaintances, married colleagues, married schoolmates. I am even already surrounded by married friends and acquaintances and colleagues and schoolmates with children. Even by married Tandem partners.
But... every time when I start to think that everybody is married and that I am not going to get another invitation... I realized that I just forgot someone. Someone who is going to marry soon, of course.

[Gorgeous Purple dress in rétro style in a shop window 
at the Christmas market in Gendarmenmarkt
(Friedrichstadt, Berlin), December 2013]

Strangely enough, I still love going to weddings. I still love getting the wedding invitations. I still love seeying my loved ones being nervous, excited, fancy dressed, touched and ready to spend the rest of their lives with someone.

But what about me? Well, it is just not my piece of cake.
When I was a teenager and I had already started to dress in Purple, people asked a lot how my wedding dress would be. A white one? Or a Purple one? And I replied that the dress would have to be Purple, of course. To be very gorgeous. To be bigger than life. In rétro style. 
Almost no one believed me then.

Today in the morning I saw the wonderful dress I am posting here and I smiled.
Thinking about my wedding, that is not going to happen anytime soon, with a dress like that. Enjoying a very special kind of time travel back to my teens.
And looking forward to the next wedding invitation.

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