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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The clear correlation between Brad Pitt's six-pack and unforgettable kisses

Kisses that are easily obtained are easily forgotten.
English proverb

It doesn't matter how badly you would love to be kissed by someone. Most of the times, to merely want to be kissed by that someone is just not enough to get what you want. Most of the times you will have to do something or be something for getting there.

[A not at all easily obtained kiss: the famous love scene 
between Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) 
and Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) 
in Spider-Man (2002) by Sam Raimi]

Easily obtained kisses aren't worth it, an old proverb says. 
I guess that the idea behind the proverb is that if it is so easy to get a kiss, most of the times it is because that kiss doesn't mean that much, no strings are attached, no risk and bravery are involved, no commitment (or only very little commitment) is required - like with words vs. facts, do you remember? - and in the end the kiss doesn't change anything. It could be cheap or even worse absolutely lousy. 

And beside of it, you could think that it is just something easy, taken for granted, a no-brainer. Something not worth thinking about it or doing something for it, after all.

It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Special kisses, on the other hand, are rare, unique, precious and because of it unforgettable. If you are looking for a special kiss, you will have to fight for it or to show that you deserve it, because it is not going to happen by chance.

[Special kisses are magic?!  
What if magic is against a kiss? Tinkerbell in Peter Pan (1953) 
by Wilfred Jackson, Clyde Geronimi and Hamilton Luske]

I am afraid that it is the same with almost every valuable thing or experience in your life: 
- to get good grades in school;
- to graduate with highest honours;
- to pass a very demanding test;
- to find a fulfilling job;
- to rent or buy a beautiful and yet not too expensive apartment (a beautiful and expensive apartment is not that difficult to find...);
- to learn something valuable (a foreign language, how to drive a car, challenging Yoga asanas, how to cook special recipes, the butterfly stroke, how to use chopsticks... and so on);
- to have wonderful and loyal friends;
- to enjoy a meaningful and most of the time happy relationship with your significant other;
- to organize a trip aloof from tourist tracks;
- to have a sporty, fit and well proportioned body (or the famous Fight Club's six-pack)...

and the list could go on forever.

[One year after Fight Club by David Fincher, 
it's six-pack time once again: 
Brad Pitt as Mickey O'Neil in Snatch. (2000) by Guy Ritchie]

You can't just want something and think that because of it you are going to get it.
Hard work, time, patience, commitment, effort, sometimes money and for sure sacrifice are your tools of the trade and highs and lows are unfortunately part of the game. 
For getting something precious and important you have to go all in for it, because extraordinary results are not easy to obtain, and very often it is necessary to go the extra mile. 

Please don't get me wrong: it may for sure happen that sometimes you will get what you want just because you want it. For sure you can bring me a lot of examples about it, but those examples would be the exception to the rule, not the proof that the rule is wrong. 

You could tell me that it is enough to be rich or beautiful or both for getting whatever you want, but even if it is sadly true that rich and beautiful people can under specific circumstances 'get a shortcut', in the end they can't have whatever they want only because of it anyway.

[Beautiful, rich and famous, and yet she can't have whatever she wants just because of it: 
US-American Sandra Bullock at Golden Globe Awards (2010) 
in a royal Purple strapless gown by Bottega Veneta]

How much frustration can you tolerate? Can you accept a 'no' as an answer? How important is for you to get what you want? Are you ready to work hard for getting there? 
It's up to you to keep working hard to go there then, or wherever you will decide to go instead. You can obviously get other things way more easily, but they are usually not as high-value as something that needs to be conquered.

I am pretty sure that you still remember your first kiss or the first kiss you exchanged with your significant other. And I am also sure that you would be able to recollect where you were, what you did and sometimes even what you said exactly before the kiss as if it were yesterday, also years after the fact.

What made that kiss so special to you?

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  1. what about this six pack

  2. LOL!

    Well, that six-pack is a very good one, if someone loves beer and can have a six-pack of his favourite beer...

    I hope that you won't consider me too superficial if I tell you that I do prefer Brad Pitt's six-pack...

    BUT I could also accept Ryan Gosling's six-pack in "Crazy Stupid Love", even if the movie is not a good one:

  3. If we talk about climbing instead of kisses, well, I could do a whole post about:" how much frustration you can tolerate". Holy words: hard work, time, patientce, effort, maybe money and sacrifice for sure.. but the satisfaction when the result comes.. is enough to do it all again for the next route! ;)

  4. Indeed!

    You can use this example about all goals I listed in the post: learning a foreign language, passing an exam, in your case climbing and so on...

    How much frustration can one tolerate before seeing results or before... giving up?

  5. If I think about climbing, my answer is that if your really love what you're doing, if you really want to "arrive there", you wont' give up. But if I think about my experience in studying Japanese language, I really gave up when I realized that I couldn't improve anymore, if not by going there and staying there for a long period. Maybe you won't pass an exam, but you know you've improved a little more, and you don't give up. Maybe you can't reach the top of a hard rooute, but you know you're stronger anyway, and you don't give up. But when you always are at the same point... I think that is the moment that you quit.

  6. I understand exactly what you mean, even if I disagree a little. It is true for me as well that in life it is very important to know when one should just give up and spare time and energy for something else.

    Seth Godin wrote a very interesting book about it, called "The Dip" in English and "Basta!" in Italian. I loved it and I started to quit activities faster than before reading the book.

    BUT in the past I reached for example a similar "breaking" point with my English and with my German skills as well and I was completely frustrated, even angry, about not getting better.

    But I didn´t give up. After a while, something just made "click" in me and I started to notice small but constants improvements and it is still the same.
    After getting quite good in something, it is difficult to see dramatic improvements at once, because then it is more about nuances and less about a big turning point. It is possible to still see improvements, but only over a long period of time. Sometimes even YEARS...

  7. Yes you're right.. maybe it's more like how much you really want to reach your goal. Maybe I just gave up because I wasn't so motivated at that time with Jap and I've found an excuse. And for the same reason, motivation, I'm accepting now to work for Years, as you said, before seeing new significant improvement in climbing. You're my psychologist. ;)