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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How I'm learning German, one word at the time

German has a reputation for being a very difficult language to be learned as a foreign language.
Personally, I have not had too many problems while learning German grammar. My biggest problem is - still - how to increase my vocabulary.
In order to really learn the words and to use them effectively, you have to use them and to use them, you must already know them... a vicious circle which it's very difficult to escape from. At least for me.

I have also noticed that, if on a particular occasion, someone tells me a word I don't know yet and this word is perfect for describing the situation itself, I can learn it easily.
So today I learned a new word in German: Spinner. It can mean 'stupid, idiot, nutcase' and I guess I will remember it for a very long time.

PS. Thanks, Keegan!

Tags: Learning a language, Learning new words, Learning from experience

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