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Monday, May 14, 2012

The question with the big Q and some very interesting quotes about it

While being Vegan, the question with the big Q that I get the most is of course "Why?".

Usually is not a real question. Not a question they are asking me, at least. It is more like a question that my interlocutor is asking himself/herself while accidentally talking to me, since most of the people can't imagine that someone can not only be Vegan, but actually be Vegan and absolutely happy with it.

I am Vegan. And I am happy with it and with my life. Being Vegan is something that influences every choice I do and what I decide to buy (clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, cleaning products, home furnishings,  groceries, beverages, books...) or not to buy. Which websites, shops and restaurants I support, and which I don't.

Since I don't like being attacked for what I am nor when someone tries to "convert" me, I don't do these things to someone else. I don't try to turn every person I meet into a fellow Vegan. 
So I don't go around telling everybody that I am Vegan, I don't try to convert people or to change their minds. I don't judge others and I don't discuss what they are doing or eating or saying. I just live my life by following the motto "Live and let live".

[Vegan, Purple and comfortable:
Airseal Para Boot by Vegetarian Shoes]

But as soon as someone realizes that I am not eating meat or that my Purple combat boots are not a pair of "normal" Dr. Martens, but a more exotic pair of Vegetarian Shoes instead, or as soon someone offers me milk chocolate or whatever and I say "Thanks, but no thanks"... Booom! The question with the big Q is already in the air, ready to strike.

Usually I reply with a simple "Why not?" and what follows after my very first reply depends a lot on the situation and on how well I know the interlocutor, how politely the person is asking, how much time I have to reply etc.

Do they really want to know? Or are they just feeling judged and are they acting defensively?
Do they know what Vegan means or are they confusing Vegan, Vegetarian and Raw food eaters?
Are they ready to listen what I would say or are they scared and sure that they already know the answer?

If you really want to know why I am Vegan, here you can find some very interesting quotes that in my opinion explain Veganism better than I could have done it myself.

Aren't we carnivores?
Our anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and psychology all indicate that we are not carnivores... We do not salivate at the idea of crushing the life out of a rabbit with our bare hands and teeth, and the thought of eating one in a freshly killed state is repulsive. We certainly do not enjoy chewing on bones, gristle, entrails, chunks of raw fat and flesh, and the hair and vermin that inevitably accompany them. We cannot imagine slurping hot blood, getting it all over our faces, hands and bodies. These behaviours are alien to our natural disposition and are actually sickening.
Dr. Doug Graham, The 80/10/10 Diet 
Thanks to Linda for this quote!

Cet animal est fort méchant, / (This animal is really dangerous, /)
Quand on l'attaque il se défend. (If he gets attacked he defends himself.)
François-Marie Arouet [aka Voltaire, 1694-1778]

Animals are my friends... and I don't eat my friends. 
George Bernard Shaw [1856–1950]

Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight. 
Albert Schweitzer [1875-1965]

Any questions?

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