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I am a localization manager/translator and intercultural consultant living in Berlin (Germany), passionate about languages, cultures, diversity management, body art, dancing, self-empowerment, coaching, effective communication and, last but not least, vegan gluten-free food and good movies.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A-Z-Z-U-R-R-A... with two Z and two R, bitte!

How do you like the color of the sky, the ocean, the sea?
I am glad that you like it, because that's my name.

My first name is Azzurra.
NOT Azzura, Azura, Azurra, Asura, Assura, Asurra, Azara, Atsura or whatever.
Not even Azurre or Azure, even if my name actually means light-blue, that in French is azur, in Spanish azul and in German azurblau or himmelblau or hellblau, depending on the translation.

[Light-blue, indeed.
My name is Blue. Light-blue]

My first name is Azzurra and I've discovered in Berlin that for Germans - and for people of all around the world, for that matter - it is almost impossible to pronounce it properly. Even if annoying and sometimes also embarrassing, this is not a big problem. I mean, I can live with it for sure. It's part of being an expat, after all.

What I can't accept is that people actually write to me (SMS, Skype, messages, texting... you name it) or answer to my e-mails by writing my name wrong. Since my first name is part of my e-mail address, it should be not so difficult to write it right. I mean, how much time do you need to copy/paste a name?

I also discovered that I can't really like someone who doesn't invest five seconds of his time just to be sure to write my name properly. Why should I, after all? Would you, if you were in my shoes?

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